Adolf Hitler

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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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TRANSL888 it: Did an adviser of Adolf Hitler murder the close friend of a Welshman in Berlin in 1934?
The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a protest note to Kazakh side, saying the publication about Adolf Hitler ahead of the anniversary of the end of the war on May 9 as sacrilegious.
Adolf Hitler will lose his honorary citizen's title in Goslar, Germany, the latest town to distance itself from the former Nazi leader, officials said Wednesday.
The tower bell above the red-tiled rooftops of Wolfpassing village is embossed with a swastika and praise to Adolf Hitler, the New York Daily News reported.
I am aware at one point of time Adolf Hitler was the most hated person on Earth for the genocide of the Jews.
A person passes the house in which Adolf Hitler was born in the northern Austrian city of Braunau am Inn.
T-SHIRTS picturing Adolf Hitler doing a Nazi salute and emblazoned with key dates of his bloody campaign across Europe have been removed from sale at Birmingham shop following a furious outburst.
PEOPLE across Wales are being offered the chance to appear in the movie of a sensational book which claims Adolf Hitler escaped the bunker to live in Argentina until the 1960s.
A SOUTH Wales author who has sensationally claimed Adolf Hitler escaped the bunker to live in Argentina says he and his research team have received death threats.
Adolf Hitler The letter signed by Adolf Hitler now on show at Bangor University, sent to Dr Theodor Lewald (inset left) who gave it to anti-Nazi Dr Dorothea Wegle (inset right) as protection against the Gestapo
When Adolf Hitler strode onto the Luitpold Arena stage in Nuremberg, Germany, as he did at Nazi rallies through 1938, he stepped forward with certainties, not doubts--answers, not questions.
Summary: A Thai waxworks museum has apologized and covered up a giant billboard of Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi salute after the Israeli and German embassies lodged complaints, its director said Sunday.
LOS ANGELES: WILL SMITH is angry over celebrity gossip Website articles that he said misinterpreted a recent remark he made in a Scottish newspaper about ADOLF HITLER.
In all my career I have never seen anyone so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler.
I usually take little interest in American pop culture but was unable to resist when a news item mentioned the uproar actor Will Smith caused when speaking about Adolf Hitler.