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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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The software portion guides the student through the reasons behind Adolf Hilter's plan via a number of Google Earth placemarks designed to take the user through the reading of articles, the viewing of video clips, and the creation of their own placemarks, in addition to those from Google Earth tools.
"Some weeks ago the Israelis talked about a Holocaust in Gaza and they do not stop day and night talking about Nazi Germany, but they are more brutal than Adolf Hilter was during the Second World War."
THE son of Adolf Hilter's right-hand man sought the help of President de Valera to persuade the Russians to release his father from jail in 1968.
'When we found out she had been accepted by Oxford we were on a rollercoaster of emotions.': ALSO IN 1987.a:Rudolf Hess, who was Adolf Hilter's right-hand man at the start of World War II, was found dead in the grounds of Spandau Prison, Berlin at the age of 93.
Heretofore the author of short stories, George Thomas Clark's 637-page biographical novel Hitler Here documents his ability to carry an extended and complex plot focused upon Adolf Hilter, his friends and his subordinates.
Adolf Hilter's Third Reich deported some 1.3 million people from across Europe to Auschwitz, notorious for its gas chambers.