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Synonyms for adolescence

Synonyms for adolescence

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Words related to adolescence

the time period between the beginning of puberty and adulthood

in the state that someone is in between puberty and adulthood

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We can discuss how dieting is constrained by the nature of eating and slimming over the past century, or how reactions to disease reflect altered modern experiences and expectations, or how contemporary issues in adolecent sexuality emerged through a series of historical changes.
Data on the prevalence of STD among adolescents indicate the highest STD rates occur in younger adolecent females, inner-city youth, and ethnic minority teens.
One of the strongest predictors of adolecent sexual attitudes and behavior is the marital status of the parents.
Few studies have investigated the relationship of different biomechanical and physiological parameters to 100-m front crawl performance in adolecent swimmers (Kjendlie et al.
The association betweren impulsiveness and sexual risk behaviors in adolecent and young adult women.
National study of the demography of adolecent practices in 1980.
Sociodemographic factors, characteristics of the familiy, mental health of parents and academic performance have been studied to verify possible associations between these variables and behavior problems and social competences of children and adolecents (D'Abreu & Marturano, 2010; Ferriolli, Marturano, & Puntel, 2007; F.
Since 2007, the number of adult women bowlers has shown an increase every year while participation among adolecents also has trended up steadily, including a sizable 5.
The chinese adolecents with colorectal cancer were frequently diagnosed in the right colon, as Stage III/IV disease with signet ring cell carcinoma.