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a dish of marinated vegetables and meat or fish

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I picked adobo chicken (juicy, gently spiced and fall-apart tender); braised carnitas (sweet-savoury, meltingly tender shredded pork) and pinto beans, which were smoky, buttery-soft and perfectly seasoned.
Made with a blend of whole grains, mixed greens, vegetables and natural proteins, Power Bowls are available in four varieties including Adobo Chicken Bowl, KoreanInspired Beef Bowl, Cuban-Inspired Pork Bowl and Chicken Sausage & Barley Bowl.
And in FDA rules set to take effect in 2017, CR sleuths found a regulatory loophole the adobo chicken could amble through: Nutrition information must be available for items "eaten on the premises, while walking away, or soon after arriving at another location," the FDA insists.
Adobo Chicken Wings, The Adobro Supper Club, Photo by Melissa Legarda Alcantara.
When you visit the booth, I will talk to you about how easy it is to make my McCormick adobo chicken wings.
My husband ordered an Adobo Chicken Burrito ($13) with corn, tomato, black beans and queso blanco (cheese) in a baked tortilla, topped with mole rojo and cilantro crema.
$7.72 with tax and soft drink for this favorite workday lunch, a trio of soft tacos (all portions are generous); black beans with guacamole, queso blanco, fresh tomato salsa and sour cream; carnitas with sour cream, queso and tomatillo-green chile salsa; adobo chicken with the same toppings as the carnitas.
"We need to improve our food and we need to be bold about it," one franchiser, who wants the company to test out new flavours like teriyaki glaze and adobo chicken seasoning wrote in the petition.