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Synonyms for postscript

Synonyms for postscript

a note appended to a letter after the signature

textual matter that is added onto a publication

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The Adobe Font Folio product is available starting September 6, 2007 and will be sold primarily through Adobe.
ATypl recognized five Adobe fonts in the OpenType(R) family: Arcana, Caflisch Script(R) Pro, Minion(R) Pro, Myriad(R) Pro, and Waters Titling(R) Pro.
Unlike Adobe Fonts however, MathTimes(tm) incorporates special interfacing to TEX, a common language in math and science publishing.
Other standard features on the HJ-800 include an on-board PostScript Level 2 RIP, 17 Adobe fonts, 8 Megabytes of RAM, a 1 Gigabyte hard drive and a bi-directional parallel interface.
In addition to providing a complete multi-tasking operating system environment, PeerlessPage enables fast Adobe PostScript printing with support for Adobe fonts in CID format, vertical writing modes and a unique system of font cache management.