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Synonyms for postscript

Synonyms for postscript

a note appended to a letter after the signature

textual matter that is added onto a publication

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Adobe PostScript Extreme, (formerly code named "Supra"), is a multi-RIP production printing architecture.
APS-RIP 3 with Adobe PostScript 3 offers significant advantages to the newspaper industry.
Adobe PostScript works with every major operating system and color management program, offering customers device-independent color support and other advanced features to produce consistent, accurate output across a range of office and professional publishing devices.
solutions like Adobe PostScript Level 3, every page printed uses Adobe
In production environments where built-in color trapping was previously unavailable, the Adobe PostScript interpreter extends the benefits of Adobe PostScript by eliminating the need for a manual, labor-intensive trapping process using proprietary, expensive systems.
As a result, we are now offering our full PostScript integration and customization services as well as Adobe PostScript certification services on version 3016.
Since its introduction in 1985, Adobe PostScript software helped spawn the desktop publishing revolution and has become the standard imaging language in printers offering the highest quality output, cross platform compatibility and top performance.
Ares technology coupled with Adobe PostScript will bring superior flexibility and font compression to printer manufacturers, and ultimately provide customers with groundbreaking printing solutions.
EFI's Best proofing products with true Adobe PostScript delivers superior color quality, high performance proofing solutions to the professional graphic arts market," said Ghilad Dziesietnik, VP of Workflow Products, EFI.
The LBP-860 achieves exceptional performance and a low cost advantage from a combination of 32-bit RISC processing and memory reduction technologies, making it one of the first 600 dpi laser printers to be able to print most Adobe PostScript Level 2 documents with only 2 MB of standard memory.
The Adobe PostScript Fax option is also available for Apple's LaserWriter Pro 810 as a user installable cartridge that prints 800 dpi faxes.
Peerless Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:PRLS), a provider of imaging and networking solutions, today reinforced its commitment to OEMs as a prime provider of Adobe Postscript certification and licensing services, with the expansion of its management team and additional channel leadership.
March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- A high-speed, narrow- format laser plotter that offers Adobe PostScript Level 2 printing was announced today by Xerox Engineering Systems.
Panasonic is also adding Genuine Adobe PostScript 3 emulation support to the WORKiO DP-3510/4510/6510 series.
March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The launch of an Adobe PostScript interpreter that enables the Xerox 5775 Digital Color Copier to print laser-quality color documents from personal computers and connected workstations was announced here today by Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX).