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Synonyms for admission

Synonyms for admission

the state of being allowed entry

the right to enter or make use of

the act of admitting to something

Synonyms for admission

the act of admitting someone to enter

an acknowledgment of the truth of something

the right to enter

References in classic literature ?
We grew up, and with our growth grew the love between us, so that the father of Luscinda felt bound for propriety's sake to refuse me admission to his house, in this perhaps imitating the parents of that Thisbe so celebrated by the poets, and this refusal but added love to love and flame to flame; for though they enforced silence upon our tongues they could not impose it upon our pens, which can make known the heart's secrets to a loved one more freely than tongues; for many a time the presence of the object of love shakes the firmest will and strikes dumb the boldest tongue.
For the problem is this: we know by what way the assassin gained admission,--he entered by the door and hid himself under the bed, awaiting Mademoiselle Stangerson.
Rising at five o'clock next morning, I took a walk about the village: none of the houses were strolling about to-day, but it was early for them yet, perhaps: and then amused myself by lounging in a kind of farm-yard behind the tavern, of which the leading features were, a strange jumble of rough sheds for stables; a rude colonnade, built as a cool place of summer resort; a deep well; a great earthen mound for keeping vegetables in, in winter time; and a pigeon-house, whose little apertures looked, as they do in all pigeon-houses, very much too small for the admission of the plump and swelling-breasted birds who were strutting about it, though they tried to get in never so hard.
Between them was a kind of well, or unglazed skylight, for the admission of light and air into the lobby, which might be some eighteen or twenty feet below.
According to an University's announcement, the admissions were offered here at the main Campus in MSc Statistics, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
He said the central schedule was issued for the admissions process from the date of advertising for submission of applications for admission to the closure of admission subsequent to the completion of merit list for both public and private medical and dental colleges.
The above extension of date in the admission test has been further granted on the basis of the undertaking by all the admitting universities that no further extension shall be sought and they shall strictly abide by the central schedule issued by PM and DC for the admissions process from the date of advertising for submission of applications for admissions to the closure of admission subsequent to the completion of merit list for both Public and Private Medical and Dental Colleges.
TranZed Alliance, a nonprofit organization serving children and families in Maryland and the District of Columbia, named Brandon Turner director of admissions.
Thousands of children are feared to remain out of schools as many of the capital schools are denying new admissions in class prep.
The Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman said on Monday that a total of 4,746 children had applied for admissions in the capital area and all of them have been allotted seats through the online draw for 2019-20.
KARACHI -- The Director Admission, University of Karachi, on Thursday announced that KU Admission Committee has issued the admission list and students who have secured their admissions after submitting fees are advised to complete their enrolment formalities.
KARACHI -- The Director Admissions, University of Karachi, on Thursday announced the list of admissions on reserved seats for KU Admissions 2019 bachelors and masters' program.
KARACHI: University of Karachi (KU) Registrar on Sunday notified that the KU online admissions 2019 (entry test based) in bachelors and masters programmes (Morning), doctor of Pharmacy (Morning and Evening), Doctor of Physical Therapy (Morning) and Visual Studies department for the session 2019.
They said that in order to bring coherence and uniformity in the university admission process, a single standardised admission exam process be initiated under HEC for university admissions.
Seoul National University has been enforcing a "regional balance admissions" plan, which aims to increase opportunities for rural area students to enroll at the nation's top university.