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  • noun

Synonyms for admission

Synonyms for admission

the state of being allowed entry

the right to enter or make use of

the act of admitting to something

Synonyms for admission

the act of admitting someone to enter

an acknowledgment of the truth of something

the right to enter

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Last date for submission of merit-based admission forms is Dec 13.
Online admission forms for reserved seats could also be submitted 13th December, 2017.
3 times the overall rate for England which is 17 in every 10,000 admissions.
The admissions of Master would be offered in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Urdu while the admissions of Postgraduate Diploma would be offered in Gender and Women Studies, HRM, Dietetics for Dieticians and Nutrition for Physicians.
Between 2007 and 2011, spending on hospital admissions for mental health and substance use grew faster than spending on medical/surgical admissions.
We attempted to quantify the re-admission rate and to define modifiable factors contributing to this rate as part of a focused review of admissions in the Department of Medicine at the Cecilia Makiwane Hospital (CMH).
Those who do have probably appealed an admission decision, worked in an Admissions office, or had a neighbor with the title.
University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman says she plans to take up the legal fight against the law's passage and will press the courts to allow the school to continue using its diversity-focused admissions program.
Middlebury officials later refuted their representative's assertion and denied they had plans for gay affirmative action, but other schools are cautiously pondering whether to consider sexual orientation in their admissions.
For Peter Johnson, the Director of International Admissions at Haas School of Business, the issue of ghostwriting goes beyond just getting into a school under false pretenses: "For us, there is also the issue of integrity.
These schools hope the change will cut down on competition among their students and force admissions officials to look more closely at each applicant.
Despite its uninspired title, Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education provides a fascinating look into how the admissions process at selective universities helps certain groups and not others.
In this article, we present legal and philosophical arguments to explain why, in certain circumstances, community colleges can and should use affirmative action when enrolling students in selective admissions programs.
Supreme Court has declared that university admissions boards can include race among the factors they use to weigh applicants, and several Chicago medical schools have developed recruitment programs to attract "underrepresented minorities"--blacks, Latinos and Native Americans.