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  • noun

Synonyms for admission

Synonyms for admission

the state of being allowed entry

the right to enter or make use of

the act of admitting to something

Synonyms for admission

the act of admitting someone to enter

an acknowledgment of the truth of something

the right to enter

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Admission of guilt is a mandatory condition before a player could be brought back into the system.
'There's no admission of guilt of any party here,' Liong said at a press conference in Quezon City.
"In this case, though, the only identifiable way in which the plaintiff asserted in his complaint that he must incriminate himself is by being 'forced to sign a paper admitting guilt by participating in the program.' The defendants represent that '[p]resently, inmates participating in the SOTP within [the department] are no longer even required to admit guilt to the crimes as a condition of entering the program,' and at oral argument counsel represented that what the plaintiff has lost, housing, his job through which he may continue to earn good time credits, the ability to have a range of property in his cell, and his seniority, will be restored if he decides to sign the new agreement form that does not include an admission of guilt and enter the SOTP.
Withdrawing the country's membership from the IPU would serve as a "virtul admission of guilt" from the Duterte administration, Sen.
But is this a second chance or an admission of guilt? The Journeyis directed byMohamed Al-Daradji, who co-writes and co-produces the film withIsabelle Stead.
A fine and an admission of guilt three months after the event would have looked like justice.
He waived his right to appeal, which his defence lawyer said was not an admission of guilt.
The American bank is to pay a fine of USD97m and also make an admission of guilt as part of the settlement.
Alex Schalk's admission of guilt and regret over his dive last week to earn a penalty against Celtic only came out in instalments last week.
2014 with information on whether they included admission of guilt and a timeline for the completion of the CEO pay rule.
The official, Amirkhan Amanbaev, told reporters in Astana that the new code also includes provisions for the use of plea bargains -- deals under which the charges or potential punishment a suspect faces are reduced in exchange for an admission of guilt and cooperation with prosecutors.
BJP state president Rahul Sinha though considered this as an admission of guilt by the TMC.
Tesco's new chief executive, Dave Lewis has reportedly said that the actions taken against the Tesco executives are not "disciplinary or an admission of guilt".
Webster said he would not plead for leniency at the appeal court because he feared it would be taken as an admission of guilt.