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  • noun

Synonyms for admission

Synonyms for admission

the state of being allowed entry

the right to enter or make use of

the act of admitting to something

Synonyms for admission

the act of admitting someone to enter

an acknowledgment of the truth of something

the right to enter

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According to NACOMA, a deterrent would be to increase the admission of guilt fines as well as to erect more information signs in the Dorob National Park.
Wright's admission of guilt is indicative that some journalists will do anything to get a story, even commit(ing) a criminal act," he said.
Mr Miller's family said that the settlement was the nearest they could get to an admission of guilt from Israel.
Byrne was with reference to the admission of guilt, Culhane accepting an admission he aided and abetted a corrupt practice, on the basis we didn't pursue a charge of passing information for reward.
A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt, but a statement that no defence will be presented.
innocent until proven quasi-innocent, may get away with the one-flap-down, "I'm in no position to address this issue" stance for another hour or two, but when does Angels management, stuck holding the tab on a $50 mil, five-year commitment, consider a change in address for the former Granada Hills High star once he's coerced into giving either a full denial or an admission of guilt about this human growth hormone allegation that's growing by the day?
If a doctor apologizes and says 'I'm sorry,' I don't think that's an admission of guilt," says Drasco, a partner in Lum, Danzis, Drasco & Positan in Roseland, N.
Written by a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Healing Words: The Power of Apology in Medicine is a call to doctors and medical professionals everywhere to question the widespread belief that an apology is an admission of guilt and an open door to a costly lawsuit.
The settlement carries no admission of guilt and a condition that the Najeib family cannot discuss its terms.
Deferred prosecution agreements enable the government to get everything it might have gotten through a trial (fines, admission of guilt, changes to the company's governance) except a conviction itself.
The Federal Rules of Evidence and most state codes of evidence treat an apology that admits fault as an admission of guilt.
Fonda's latest blathering was no admission of guilt, and the so-called apology was as counterfeit as her treasonous acts were indisputable.
A settlement even without an admission of guilt is an involuntary payment.
The law also permits physicians to express their regrets and condolences for a negative outcome without having their statements being used as an admission of guilt.