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Three weeks ago Tranmere took a four-game unbeaten league run into a home encounter with Luton Town and, watched by a bumper crowd lured by reduced admission prices, were soundly beaten 3-1.
I can imagine the management of Haydock Park saying they are providing extra prize-money; but surely increasing admission prices in order to improve prize-money is a very delicate judgement, and not one that the performance of the present management merits - in my view.
This family activity is included in admission price to the museum.
Leading industry promoter, the GRA, has reacted to the ruling by confirming a 50p increase on admission prices accross the board at its portfolio of six tracks.
The Spiders' secretary Alistair Mackay confirmed the move and added: "We are also talking to United about the possibility of cutting the admission prices."
A spokesman for the club said: "Admission prices will be a pounds 1 for adults and 50p for youths - the same as it was when Graeme made his debut in 1975.
The Management Board has therefore asked the finance officer to look again at admission prices with the likelihood these will be raised," he said.
I go often to my local Vue multiplex but it does not appear to display admission prices at the box office.
The fact that Britain does not operate a tote monopoly means that admission prices here are, in the main, considerably higher than in countries that do.
LISTOWEL, whose seven-day festival ended on Saturday, is to consider reducing admission prices for the first three days of its 2014 festival meeting next September, writes Tony O'Hehir.
Selco Brummies bosses have frozen admission prices for the home leg of their Elite League play-off semi-final against Wolverhampton, which takes place at Perry Barr a week on Monday.
23, Old Sturbridge Village is offering the last of three "$5 Fridays'' and will roll back its admission prices to just $5 for all adult visitors.
THE first ever 'World Cup' winning football team have come under fire after doubling admission prices for a non-league game.
THE New Saints will be told by the Welsh Premier League to change their decision to hike up admission prices for their end of season clash with Bangor City.
On October 27, 2011, ROM Director and CEO Janet Carding announced a substantial reduction in admission prices, effective immediately.