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The announcement means that general admission prices in 2018-19 will be at the same level as they were in 2015-16.
THREE of North Wales' most popular castles will have inflation-busting admission price hikes of up to 17%.
Speaking ahead of Wales Tourism Week, which starts on Monday, Suzy Davies, Shadow Minister for Heritage, said: "Many families across Wales are looking for cheaper family days out without travelling too far, but high admission prices could act as a deterrent.
For some families increasing prices at 10 times the rate of inflation will be seen as unfair and will push the standard adult admission price for some castles beyond the psychological PS5 threshold.
It's a long week for them and in the current times a lower admission price for those days might be the right thing to do in an effort to boost the crowd.
Owner Alan Phillips said: "We are pleased to peg our play-off semi final admission prices to that of a normal league match.
The special $5 adult price discount on August 23 represents a costs savings of nearly 80 percent off the regular adult museum admission price of $24.
HIBS Cheapest walk-up admission price for an adult - PS22 Cheapest walk-up price for a child of 14 or under - PS1PS2 Match programme - PS2.
The home club, winners of the Thomas Lipton Trophy twice in the early part of the last century, announced it was doubling admission prices to PS10.
It is clear that the reduction of admission prices, free admission for Under 16s to non ticket games coupled with a strong marketing campaign has been well received by our members and supporters," he said.
A proposal will be made at the league's AGM that in future admission prices set by clubs at the start of the season should remain constant.
Giants chairman Ken Davy has today hit back at fans accusing his club of charging high admission prices by proving it's not the case.
While first-run cinemas can rely on the publicity generated by a film's initial release to guarantee custom, second-run operators depend on low admission prices and convenient locations to attract filmgoers.
The student buys land and dinosaurs, hires and fires employees, sets admission prices, and opens the park to visitors.
Events are held each evening, with admission prices ranging from $10 to $30.