Admission Day

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in some states of the United States: a legal holiday commemorating the day the state was admitted to the Union

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The mean BMI did not change significantly, but a declining trend on discharge day compared to admission day was visible.
Renal biopsy was done on eleventh admission day which revealed total of nine glomeruli, six glomeruli showed fibro-epithelial crescents with collapsed tufts.
On admission day, fecal analysis showed 3-4 leukocytes and 1-3 erythrocytes per high-power field.
The patient was treated conservatively and on the fifth post admission day she was discharged home.
Most hospitals will charge for admission day, but not dismissal day.
Taif University recently witnessed scuffles when female security guards tried to disperse about 1,000 girl students who staged a sit-in after being turned away on admission day.
Opening with a Hawaii not seen in tourist brochures, docu shows a heated clash between supporters and opponents of statehood on the Admission Day public holiday in 2006.
Statistical analysis: Risk factors [age, gender, APACHE III score and Multiple Organ Dysfunction Score (MODS) at the admission day, TBSA, the mean length of hospital stay, the mean admission days, operation time, the mean white blood cells (WBC), co-morbidities, transfer from other hospital, invasive device usage and prior broad spectrum antibiotic usage] for NIs were determined using Chi square test and univariate analysis.
Sports fans spend money on other activities as well, he said, noting that the Clinton Presidential Library had its single biggest admission day with more than 2,000 passing through the doors on March 4, the day before the Little Rock Marathon.
Using the same modeling concept as in the debt-reduction study, this study is based on various data variables including admission date, admission day of the week, admission time, referring and attending physician, nursing floor, hospital facility and staffing ratios.
EDT; Admission Day (in California); a small telescope can show globe and rings of Saturn pass behind the edge of the moon before dawn in parts of western U.
Latest annual figures reveal 56,000 patients had operations cancelled on their admission day - a staggering one in 20 in some of the NHS's worst performing areas.