Admiralty Islands

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a group of islands in the Bismarck Archipelago

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Ray, The Manus of the admiralty Islands: a study in social change [M.S.
That analysis identified only Admiralty Island obsidians (Summerhayes 2003).
A fish of great interest to the students was Etheridge's Sea Carp which are 'found on the coral and rocky reefs' around the Admiralty Islands but not common in areas where children swim or snorkel on the main island (Coleman, 2002).
Manus Island lagoon, north-east of New Guinea and one of the Admiralty Islands group, was a half-way staging area where Helford and many more were anchored the first night of the ceasefire and rockets lit up the sky in celebration.
My then fiance was stationed in the South Pacific at a base in the Admiralty Islands. Since they had no refrigeration, they ate Spam quite often.
1944--The 1st Cavalry Division makes an amphibious landing in the Admiralty Islands, Feb.
Until the 1950's, the island of Guam, like many oceanic islands, lacked predatory snakes, but the abnormally high ship and air traffic immediately after World War II resulted in the accidental introduction of the brown treesnake (Boiga irregularis) from the Admiralty Islands in the South Pacific.
Recursive Dualism in the Admiralty Islands. Journal de la Societe des Oceanistes 39.3-12.
Most important are the remains of pottery in the unique "Lapita style," found in the earliest settlements in western Polynesia and which is characteristic of the pottery of parts of Papua-New Guinea and the Admiralty Islands, as well as early western Polynesian pottery.
At the time of year known for celebration, the two marine corps pilots stationed in the Admiralty Islands were headed on a beer run--a 600-mile beer run.
Obsidian from the Admiralty Islands and New Britain are found throughout the last 2000 years.
A Navy veteran of World War II, he served in combat in the South Pacific from 1943 to 1945 in New Guinea, New Britain and the Admiralty Islands. He was employed at Whitin Machine Works in Whitinsville for 27 years as a pattern-maker and later as an engineer.
Our results demonstrate the continuous involvement of local people in exchange networks moving obsidian from both the Admiralty Islands and West New Britain to this coast, possibly as far back as the mid-Holocene.
February 29 Sweeping ashore at Hyane Harbor on Los Negros Island, US soldiers gain a foothold in the Admiralty Islands, northwest of Rabaul.
He served his country valiantly during World War II in the South Pacific as a Baker Second Class, and was awarded the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon with two stars for his service during the battles at Vella LaVella and the Admiralty Islands.