Admiralty Island

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an Alaskan island in the Alexander Archipelago near Juneau

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The Greens Creek Mine on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska is the fifth-largest silver mine in the world.
The presence of Fergusson Island obsidian on Seleo Island may further constrain the arrival of this material to the Sepik coast to a five-hundred-year window between 1000-500BE Such an interpretation would be consistent with other evidence obtained both from obsidian sourcing and investigation of prehistoric ceramic transport suggesting longer distance transport of material culture after ~1000BE Obsidian assemblages in the Aitape area associated with Nyapin (~2000-1500BP) and Sumalo (~1400-1200BP) ware ceramics contain almost no obsidian from more distant sources on New Britain, consisting almost entirely of obsidian from the closer Admiralty Island sources on Lou and Pam Islands (Golitko et al.
I'm taking a 30-minute flight from Juneau to Admiralty Island, which is famous for having brown bears the way Manhattan Island has people.
Just short weeks after our conversation on April 26, a wounded brown bear mauled Scott on Admiralty Island near Little Pybus Bay.
He points to Alaska's McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and Admiralty Island National Monument, where visitors are carefully managed and commercialism absent--but public support is solid.
The 617-foot ship was about two hours from Juneau at the time, near Admiralty Island west of the capital city, he said.
My Alaskan nostalgia was rapidly succumbing to inflight queasiness as I stared dizzily downward over Admiralty Island.
Highlights of the expedition cruise will include a visit to Admiralty Island National Park and Preserve, where bald eagles and brown bears abound; unparalleled whale-watching in the waters of Frederick Sound and Point Adolphus; and a walk along a spectacular marble grotto on Baranof Island.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released a minor, pilot project license for the Admiralty Island project, allowing construction, operation, and maintenance of the project for a phase of 10 years.
Apart from Lucky Friday, Hecla's only other producing mine is its Greens Creek underground mine on Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska.
The following year, Allen Marine won a contract to ferry workers from Juneau to the Greens Creek mine on Admiralty Island.
After pumping and emergency repairs we left the harbor and proceeded to Manus Island in the Admiralty Island chain, where we entered a floating dry dock.
Terrestrial locomotion on Admiralty Island is hard enough for 700-pound Alaskan brown bears, let alone adventurers carrying canoes on their heads.
Highlights of the beautifully appointed wood ship's Frederick Sound excursion include hiking in the rain forests of the bear-free Brothers Islands off the southeastern edge of Admiralty Island.
Here on Tongass National Forest's Admiralty Island, where Ursus arctos occurs more thickly than anywhere else on earth, I have been reduced to hands-and-knees mobility in undergrowth far too thick to walk through.