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an inlet of the North Pacific in northwestern Washington State

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Statistically significant trends towards later onset of landfast sea ice are also present in the Coronation-Maud, Western High Arctic, Eastern High Arctic and Admiralty Inlet sub-regions within the CAA.
13) Area sum August 2003: Admiralty Inlet 8596 629 3 5.
Prolonged rain, fog, low ceilings and high winds prevented surveys of Admiralty Inlet and Peel Sound.
Having failed to survey Admiralty Inlet and Peel Sound the previous year, we tried again in 2003.
The August 2004 survey plan was to cover Eclipse Sound and Admiralty Inlet a second time, using higher sampling coverage in those parts where density was found to be the highest in the earlier surveys (Fig.
Fog was absent or light on most transects, except in parts of some offshore transects of the East Baffin stratum in 2003 and in patches of transects flown in Barrow Strait and central Admiralty Inlet in 2004.
Koski and Davis (1994) reported departure periods from Admiralty Inlet to be 23-27 September in 1978 and 18-21 September in 1979.
Admiralty Inlet or the eastern coast of Baffin Island) during August.
Savelle and McCartney (eastern Prince Regent Inlet) and Savelle (western Prince Regent Inlet, Admiralty Inlet, and Navy Board Inlet) relocated Dyke's sampled crania and measured these and any others observed within the study areas in order to derive whale lengths.
Vista River Beach elevations (m) 0-4 4-17 17 + -- Whale abundance 10 76 10 1 Admiralty Inlet Totals: Whale abundance 146(15) 328(1) 18 1 Whale abundance/ka 58.
This peak is lacking, on the other hand, in the Navy Board Inlet and Admiralty Inlet areas.
Admiralty Inlet extends south from Lancaster Sound, and its mouth lies en route to Prince Regent Inlet.
The Admiralty Inlet summer population rose to a sharp, welldefined maximum between 4 ka and 3.
The middle Holocene peak occupation of Admiralty Inlet and vicinity is broadly synchronous with the middle Holocene recurrences recorded in the two regions farther west.
Second, the strong peak of fossil abundance in Admiralty Inlet (3.