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an inlet of the North Pacific in northwestern Washington State

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In the eastern Arctic, significant negative trends in landfast sea-ice duration occurred in the south end of the Prince Regent sub-region, in Admiralty Inlet, and between Bylot Island and Baffin Island (Fig.
Observed reductions in landfast sea-ice duration in the Admiralty Inlet sub-region (Fig.
Statistically significant trends towards later onset of landfast sea ice are also present in the Coronation-Maud, Western High Arctic, Eastern High Arctic and Admiralty Inlet sub-regions within the CAA.
The August 2002 survey plan covered areas with the largest known aggregations of narwhals, namely Eclipse Sound, Admiralty Inlet, Prince Regent Inlet, and Peel Sound (Richard et al., 1994).
Having failed to survey Admiralty Inlet and Peel Sound the previous year, we tried again in 2003.
The August 2004 survey plan was to cover Eclipse Sound and Admiralty Inlet a second time, using higher sampling coverage in those parts where density was found to be the highest in the earlier surveys (Fig.
Data from two female whales that were tracked for over 14 months showed that these whales were close to the mouth of Admiralty Inlet in June, in a location similar to the one where this resighting was made.
Around the Brodeur Peninsula in particular, no birds were observed near a traditional, late-summer foraging site in western Admiralty Inlet, where ivory gulls (including young) had annually scavenged narwhal (Monodon monoceros) carcasses from the Inuit hunt.
In both 1997 and 1998, the tagged whales stayed within the Bylot Island area during the summer, without frequenting Lancaster Sound or the more western summering areas in and around Admiralty Inlet, Prince Regent Inlet, Peel Sound, and the fjords south of Pond Inlet.
Even if there is some degree of separation among the summering stocks in and around Admiralty Inlet, Resolute, Prince Regent Inlet, and Peel Sound, most of the whales have to move through Lancaster Sound during their spring and autumn migrations.
Koski and Davis (1994) reported departure periods from Admiralty Inlet to be 23-27 September in 1978 and 18-21 September in 1979.
This peak is lacking, on the other hand, in the Navy Board Inlet and Admiralty Inlet areas.
Admiralty Inlet extends south from Lancaster Sound, and its mouth lies en route to Prince Regent Inlet.
The subset of dates from Bernier Bay and Berlinguet Inlet is not significantly different from that for Admiralty Inlet. Although the occupation of the latter may have been somewhat longer and perhaps was more continuous, this apparent difference may result from the different sample sizes.
The middle Holocene peak occupation of Admiralty Inlet and vicinity is broadly synchronous with the middle Holocene recurrences recorded in the two regions farther west.