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Up another 8lb, Admirality has solid claims from a low draw and is preferred to Pat Fahy's in-foal filly Stormy Belle, right, successful over this route on Wednesday but faced with a follow-up bid from the outside stall (15) Rattling Jewel.
where [DELTA] = displacement (Tm), [V.sub.c] = cruising speed (knots) and [C.sub.a]= admirality coefficient.
Alexander, the first Lord of the Admirality, to negotiate with the Indian leaders on the transfer of power to India, Bell published a public appeal seeking prayer and support for the mission with words full of unchanging sympathy and undiminished concern for India.
On fees payable in the vice admirality courts, see infra note 42 and accompanying text.
Here is a watery graveyard of Japanese Admirality, sunk by Operation Hailstorm, a US attack in World War II that was a dozen times more powerful thanPearlHarbour.
In 1905, years before Churchill's historic military decision, the British Admirality and the Burmah Oil Company signed in Burma what was arguably the first contract motivated by energy security interests, as we understand the phrase today.
(31) Admirality to Foreign Office (Visit of two Estonian submarines to Kiel), June 9, 1939.
In terms of good-quality refurbished space, Admirality Properties has now begun refurbishment of Greyfriars House in Cardiff city centre, which is adjacent to the new Park Plaza hotel, where 40,000 sq ft of offices will become available in April.
One map of the Okhotsk Sea, dated 1854, contains handwritten instructions from the British Admirality to the commander of the China Squadron.
Phinn a jackal of that paper is made Secretary of the Admirality, Molesworth an intimate friend to the editor Secretary of State, a place was intended for Lowe, a constant contributor....
TIMELINE CHURCHILL 1874 Born 1898 Fights of the Omburman 1899 Capture fighting in South Africa 1900 Enters the Commons 1905-08 Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies 1907 First Lord of the Admirality 1921-22 Colonial Secretary 1940-45 Prime Minister 1951-55 Prime Minister 1964 Leaves Parliament 1965 Dies AFRICA 1935 Mussolini invades Ethlopia 1940 British fail to take Dakar, in Senegal 1941 British forces liberate Ethiopia 1948 Apartheid regime founded in South Africa 1952-56 Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya 1956 Representative government promised to Nigeria 1957 Ghana becomes independent 1965 Southern Rhodesia declares UDI FOR FURTHER READING:
By the end of the war Graham was at the Admirality and he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
Priestley believed that religious liberty and science could be coupled together, and in the 1780s he 'succeeded in getting the Admirality to fit two warships with apparatus for the production of what we now call soda-water, in order, as he thought, to prevent the ravages of scurvy on board ships.'
Seasonal distribution and home-range patterns of Sitka black-tailed deer on Admirality Island, Southeast Alaska.