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National Insect Week - allows families, far left, to learn more about creepy crawlies such as this stunning Red Admiral butterfly
There was a red admiral butterfly flapping about in there and I chased it around like Nijinsky for 10 minutes until I finally got the poor thing out into the open again.
n Join local expert Adrian Miles for a walk around the Dudmaston Estate, Quatt, near Bridgnoth spotting the rare White Admiral butterfly. 1.30pm to 3pm.
Red Admiral butterfly cushion made from hand-embroidered, felted wool, pounds 80, Jan Constantine, 01270 821194,
Tompkinson's first role was as a red admiral butterfly in The Plotters of Cabbage Corner.
FROM TOP: Butterflies on an ivy leaf, a buddleia flower and an Aster amellus King George NECTAR PLANT: Verbena Bonariensis, from South America UNDER THREAT: Red Admiral butterfly and, left, Dr Martin Warren
VIBRANT: Today's photo is of a red admiral butterfly at New Hauxley by Andy Browne
Planting aromatic plants such as rosemary,mint, chives, fennel, tarragon, basil and thyme is a good way of attracting all sorts of butterflies into your garden; The red admiral butterfly, left, and the small blue butterfly, right.
A RED Admiral butterfly - seen as a good omen - paid an unexpected visit to the mother of missing Madeleine McCann during her emotional trip to Rome.
A RED Admiral butterfly paid an unexpected visit to Madeleine's mother during her emotional trip to Rome.
MAKE a good first impression with beautiful coir butterfly doormat (left), it's pounds 10 from JAN Constantine's pink Red Admiral butterfly cushion (below) is stunning.
Nectar hunt: Bees are drawn to purple flowers and ladybirds will munch aphids.; Lovely sight: Red Admiral butterfly.
MO PONS watched a red admiral butterfly careering around his garden in Crosby on December 10.
JIM BRADY found tufted vetch still flowering in Prescot, where a red admiral butterfly was on the wing last week, and Frank Richmond enjoyed kingfishers at Mill Dam and Higher Lane, Rainford.