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There was a red admiral butterfly flapping about in there and I chased it around like Nijinsky for 10 minutes until I finally got the poor thing out into the open again.
n Join local expert Adrian Miles for a walk around the Dudmaston Estate, Quatt, near Bridgnoth spotting the rare White Admiral butterfly.
A RED Admiral butterfly - seen as a good omen - paid an unexpected visit to the mother of missing Madeleine McCann during her emotional trip to Rome.
If Mike Gibson was once famously described as a Red Admiral butterfly floating amongst the cabbages, I was more your blue bottle sniffing around a cow pat.
Planting aromatic plants such as rosemary,mint, chives, fennel, tarragon, basil and thyme is a good way of attracting all sorts of butterflies into your garden; The red admiral butterfly, left, and the small blue butterfly, right.
A RED Admiral butterfly paid an unexpected visit to Madeleine's mother during her emotional trip to Rome.
THANKS: Lesley Robertson collecting her Good Citizen Award; AUTUMN SURPRISE: The Red Admiral butterfly
MO PONS watched a red admiral butterfly careering around his garden in Crosby on December 10.
I was once chasing a Red Admiral butterfly when I was little and an alsatian started chasing me.
JIM BRADY found tufted vetch still flowering in Prescot, where a red admiral butterfly was on the wing last week, and Frank Richmond enjoyed kingfishers at Mill Dam and Higher Lane, Rainford.
Natural regeneration will occur during spring and, in turn, will provide new habitats for insects and butterflies, most notably the white admiral butterfly, for which this wood is well known.
The next day to my aunt's amazement a red- admiral butterfly flew into the house,circled the sympathy cards and out into the garden.