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United States admiral of the Pacific fleet during World War II who used aircraft carriers to destroy the Japanese navy (1885-1966)

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At both the Texas Military Forces Museum and the Admiral Nimitz Museum he has organized and conducted hundreds of living history programs for the general public.
During a visit to inspect the Admiral Nimitz Hall for the competitive Navy-wide Captain Edward F.
While dominance is certainly desirable, the facts quietly taking shape in the world suggest that the Navy's situation is more like that which Admiral Nimitz faced in 1942 than what he enjoyed in 1945.
In the last operation by a task force against the Saki-shimas last month, the battleship King George V and the carriers Illustrious, Indomitable, Indefatigable, and Victorious were among the major units reported In action, but so far Admiral Nimitz has given no Indication of the composition of.
The late Admiral Layton, who was the fleet intelligence officer for Admiral Nimitz through out World War II, describes the breakdown in the intelligence process prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and shares his experiences witnessing feuding among high-level naval officers in Washington that contributed to Japan's successful attack.
The plane looked quite startling--half-in, half-out of the building--and some of the Navy's top brass, including Admiral Nimitz and Admiral Halsey, came by to goggle.
On January 22, 1946, Admiral Hill forwarded his proposed curriculum to General Eisenhower and Admiral Nimitz, who had assumed responsibilities of Army Chief of Staff and Chief of Naval Operations, respectively.
4) Upon receiving this news, Admiral King and Admiral Nimitz, combatant commander, Pacific Fleet, scratched the Santa Cruz Islands from phase one and inserted Guadalcanal.
Captain Cook did not ask his forecastle swabbies to navigate for him, and Admiral Nimitz certainly didn't poll the U.
Then it was off to Fredericksburg, Texas, and the Admiral Nimitz Museum (Nimitz, a native of Fredricksburg, commanded more men in the Pacific Theater of WW II than any commander before or since.
Even a priest responding to the survey puts his best spin on the nature of martyrdom by quoting what Admiral Nimitz said after the battle of Midway: "There are no great men.
Details about obtaining young trees grown from the seeds of the Admiral Nimitz white oak--or any tree linked to a hero or event--can be obtained by calling 800-677-0727.
forces in the area (February); succeeded Admiral Nimitz as CNO (December 1947), but his vigorous defense of naval independence and prerogatives during the Revolt of the Admirals in hearings before the House Naval Affairs Committee (October 5, 1949) led to his dismissal, barely a month after his appointment for a second term as CNO (November 2); retired (February 1950) and became a consultant for Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) (1950-1971); died in Westborough, Massachusetts (March 28, 1972).
FREDERICKSBURG, Texas -- The Admiral Nimitz Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of General Michael W.
Whereas under normal circumstances Yorktown would have required three months to refit, Admiral Nimitz gave the 1,400 fabricators, shipfitters, and welders at the dry-dock facility at Pearl Harbor less than three days of around-the-clock labor in which to patch and replace what they could.