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English admiral who defeated the French fleets of Napoleon but was mortally wounded at Trafalgar (1758-1805)

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The Admiral Nelson, formerly a farmhouse, has been serving both boaters and locals for many years - and even comes with its own ghost.
"Our most popular mm is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum," affirms Alex Vaughn, liquor associate at Liquor Mart in Boulder, Colorado; that's followed by Bacardi and Admiral Nelson.
"Our most popular ram is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum," affirms Alex Vaughn, liquor associate at Liquor Mart in Boulder, Colorado; that's followed by Bacardi and Admiral Nelson.
Price includes Private coach travel from your local area Two nights' stay with three course evening meal & cooked breakfast Visit to the Imperial War Museum Duxford for the Battle or Britain Anniversary Air Show Visit to Bletchley Park 40th Anniversary of the HMS Victory & The Mary Rose 5 September 2015 3 days from PS189 Over 35 years, HMS Victory took part in five naval battles - Trafalgar being the most famous and last, in which she carried Vice Admiral Nelson to victory in 1805.
HMS Victory, predecessor to Admiral Nelson's flagship, sank in a storm in 1744 with the loss of more than 1,000 sailors.
The 6ft 1in Norfolk-born Adeyemi began professional life with hometown club Norwich after being educated at the city's fee-paying co-educational school, whose famous former pupil is Admiral Nelson, one of the biggest figures in British history.
1794 BRITISH naval hero Admiral Nelson did not meet his Waterloo, but he lost his right eye at the siege of Calvi in Corsica.
The Magpies have collected 11 French players in their squad and like a modern-day Admiral Nelson, Shearer has decided to head into battle with the French, except instead of Napoleon he's attacking the rather less objectionable Yohan Cabaye.
The One Direction star got the Admiral Nelson's ship inked on to his arm afterseeing it in her new song I Knew YouWere Trouble.
Dr Joe in quoting Admiral Nelson was merely referring to a widely used euphemism about the blindness of some people to the obvious.
1797: Admiral Nelson was wounded in the right arm by grapeshot during an unsuccessful British attempt to take the well-defended city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
London, Sept 3 (ANI): Archaeologists have found that sailors in Admiral Nelson's navy were plagued by scurvy, ridden with syphilis and often mutilated by amputations, but only a minority were from lowest social class.
A mother-daughter journey through one of the world's great walking cities is narrated by the younger traveler, who takes in history -- the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, Admiral Nelson's statue in Trafalgar Square -- and lesser facts with equal delight: "London is Europe's third rainiest city; a telephone booth is a good place to wait out a shower." The team pauses for fish and chips and whispers to each other across the expanse of St.
Juarez clearly benefitted from the recent consumer trading down phenomenon, as did Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum.
What is the connection between the 1993 song Dreams, the film True Grit and Admiral Nelson? 7.