Admiral Dewey

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a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American War

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The generation of the First World War was not made honorable by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, by General Pershing and Admiral Dewey.
Imagine seeing Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Graham Bell, Amelia Earhart, Andrew Carnegie, Bobby Jones, Admiral Dewey, and hundreds of other famous people in true 3D right on your PC.
During the meeting of October 9, 1913, Admiral Dewey commented to the Joint Board that "war being imminent," insular possession governments "should be in the hands of the Army" Brigadier General William Crozier responded, "the President .
When Captain Knapp read the November 1, 1913, endorsement to the Joint Board as a whole, Admiral Dewey referred the matter to a subcommittee composed of Knapp and Brigadier General W.
On the first day of December, Admiral Dewey departed the Washington Navy Yard in the presidential yacht Mayflower.
Admiral Dewey simultaneously took command of the fleet off Culebra and issued orders to be ready to move at an hour's notice.
If none was forthcoming, Admiral Dewey would be ordered south "to observe matters along Venezuela.
One thing was certain in TR's mind, on the basis of his private sources: if there was any altercation over the Monroe Doctrine in Venezuela, Britain would instantly declare its neutrality and leave Germany to deal with Admiral Dewey.