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explorer and United States naval officer

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In 1928, Admiral Byrd assembled his second exploring expedition, this time to the South Pole.
Once close to the barrier (a sliver of land covered in places with ice), Admiral Byrd stepped aside in the rowboat, saying, "You shall go ashore first, Captain Parker.
She wants to do something interesting that she can later share with her grandcows, so she volunteers to travel to the South Pole on one of Admiral Byrd's expeditions.
From 1939-'40 the company outfitted Admiral Byrd on three expeditions to Antarctica!
In a remarkably prolific career, stretching 70 years, De Weldon made 1,200 public monuments in many countries, the most distant being a memorial to Admiral Byrd at McMurdo Sound,Antarctica.
A New York Times science writer, William Laurence, was the only journalist told of the Manhattan Project, for example, and the newspaper actually helped finance some of Admiral Byrd's peregrinations.
And can the broader desire of New Zealand's diplomats to marry their evolving Antarctic agenda to its equally evolving American equivalent really be understood in isolation from the enthusiasm the voting public here showed over several decades for Admiral Byrd's expeditions?
Since the Pier has witnessed the launching of the Lusitania, and landings by Admiral Byrd, Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh, Taylor focused on its history more than any other developer bidding for the project.
Admiral Byrd Elementary, 265 Wellington, in Elk Grove Village, will be hosting an open house for students and families, staff and community members from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
as follows: Admiral Byrd Elementary, (847) 593-4388, and John Jay Elementary, (847) 593-4385.
The third section is a very brief afterword by the author, entitled "A Salute to the Superdogs." In light of the treatment of dogs during Admiral Byrd's expeditions, it seems paradoxical that this final section is accompanied by the photo of a memorial plaque dedicated by Admiral Byrd on October 8, 1938 to "All Noble Dogs whose lives were given on dog treks during the two expeditions to Little America, Antarctica to further science and discovery."