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Synonyms for administrator

Synonyms for administrator

a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization

Synonyms for administrator

the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor

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someone who manages a government agency or department

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European Tour anti-doping adminstrator Michelle Verroken tested players, the first time the International Golf Federation has extended such actions to major amateur events.
The deduction will take place only after an adminstrator has been appoints and Coral go 5-2 that Gretna win Division One next season.
Trust adminstrator Jane Mills said: "Many funding streams which previously offered small grants have now finished.
A home draw is what we wanted and gives us a good opportunity to start a cup run," commented Cov's rugby adminstrator Ian Carvell.
Prof Rolfe - and his adminstrator Mrs Carol Benmakroha - are accused of conspiracy to defraud the North Staffordshire Hospital Trust and Keele University.
We develop and enhance our password management solutions with both the end-user and IT adminstrator in mind, realizing that simplifying the end-users' experience by offering flexible access will ultimately reduce adminstrators' workloads," states Gregg Browinski, chief technology officer, PistolStar Inc.
The company hit troubled times back in January, when another adminstrator - Deloitte - was brought in.
A special medal has been struck to mark his contribution as an adminstrator with Rovers, Everton, Wrexham and the Liverpool County FA.
Respected rugby league adminstrator Lisa Jagger will take up the new role later this month.
The transition into the national leagues mean this a big year for us, " said Conference adminstrator Julian Harrison at the season launch in Coventry.
Speaking ahead of the service Fr Tom Mangan, adminstrator at St Joseph's, called on those involved in crime in the city to come to their senses.
Eli Madar, systems adminstrator at Ernst and Young said: "I feel a real sense of satisfaction from participating in a project like this.
League Adminstrator Nick Archer is confident that progress is being made.
Taking a few examples from The Western Mail of March 14, there is an Office Adminstrator connected with the "opening of an office in Cardiff" by the Electoral Commission, a "Press Officer (based in Cardiff) to work across Wales" by the Department of Work and Pensions, and five appointments of BBC Cymru/Wales, all based in Cardiff.
The Rabus Adminstrator Software Suite from InterLink Logistics Technologies allows Mercedes to monitor the activity and to centrally manage the devices on the shop floor.