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the state of property that is in the hands of a receiver

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a court action that places property under the control of a receiver during litigation so that it can be preserved for the benefit of all

the office of a receiver

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Neither of these companies are in administrative receivership and are trading as usual.
5234, July 2001), proposed to abolish administrative receivership, except in connection with certain transactions in the capital markets.
The Aylesbury-based firm, who have a UK network of 400 petrol stations stretching from Devon to the north of Scotland, passed into administrative receivership last night after failing to agree funding terms with their bankers.
PLC, Surrey, England, placed their firm into administrative receivership March 5.
After the commercial relationship between SCi and Stainless ended, Stainless Software Limited was placed into administrative receivership following the appointment by VIS Interactive plc (under powers contained in a fixed charge over the assets of Stainless Software Limited dated 25 June 1998) of administrative receivers on 14 September 1999.
The administrative receivership of Koza Ipek Holding followed similar moves against other institutions said to be affiliated to the Hizmet movement, and it has been perceived by many as unfair and a targeted attack.
The move comes after NWS Dock Management, which previously ran the dock and which also own a clutch of other buildings on the waterfront, went into administrative receivership earlier this month.
Furthermore, Breedon will also buy certain assets of F H Gilman & Co, a related company in administrative receivership, as part of the transaction.
The fall in Midlands corporate insolvency numbers was only surpassed by London and the South-east, with a 37 per cent decrease in administration and administrative receivership appointments.
Chris Paget, estates director for Warwickshire College, said: "We were extremely sorry to hear that Ashford Construction had gone into administrative receivership.
Once in administrative receivership, it was discovered that fictitious sales of at least pounds 27m had been entered in the company's accounts.
Three banks are understood to have filed a petition to put Alphasteel of Newport into administrative receivership.
A report by administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers has revealed the company owed more than pounds 1m to banks and its former employees when it went into administrative receivership in October last year and it is understood that some companies were owed up to pounds 50,000.
The company, based on the Jubilee Industrial Estate in Ashington, was placed in administrative receivership in April 2002 with an estimated pounds 1.
The company was last night placed in administrative receivership as it struggled to pay its debts.
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