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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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The author explores three ways the UK's administrative justice system is changing due to the impact of technology: the increase in crowdfunded judicial reviews, the digitalization of tribunals, and the adoption of "agile" methodologies used by civil servants building the administrative justice system.
Our research at Bangor Law School finds that this isn't only a future development, but that it has already occurred in relation to the Welsh system of administrative justice.
The Eastern Regional Division of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) recorded 359 cases, out of which 351 were human right abuses for the first half of this year.
Ndung'u, who was the first and long-serving registrar, is set to join the the Commission on Administrative Justice, otherwise known as the Ombudsman.
capacity of ministry of law and justice Islamabad and Rs 19.397 for strengthening of ombudsman system of administrative justice and upgradation/expansion of online complaint management in formation system (CMIS).
Administrative justice comes to protect the rights and interests of citizens in their relationship with the public administration (Cilibiu, 2012: 63).
civil law, criminal justice, and administrative justice can actually get real
It will serve as a laboratory in which students specialised in civil law, criminal justice, and administrative justice can get real life experience.
Iran's Court of Administrative Justice (CAJ) has issued an order suspending the Rohani Administration's latest auto import rules, creating chaos in the market and pushing up prices.
Once in a while, it is timely to pull back from the narrow questions of administrative law arising in particular cases, and to reflect more broadly on administrative justice in Canada.
Google can then appeal the decision and the fine with the supreme court for administrative justice, the Conseil d'Etat.
"A comprehensive study on the court expert system to assess gaps and needs in criminal, civil and administrative justice was carried out," the press statement said.
The event was conducted as part of the Centre's long-term efforts to support ongoing criminal and administrative justice reform in Kazakhstan.
"The vision of Provincial Ombudsman Secretariat is to promote high standards of governance, accountability and efficiency through administrative justice and its mission is to redress public grievances in fair, prompt and transparent manners." He added.
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