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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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Administrative justice deals with the relationship between the individual and the state and extends from principles of good decision-making for public bodies, to how people complain to those bodies, as well as to external redress mechanisms such as courts and tribunals.
Referred contract: a contract can be referred introduced after signing the contract under the conditions defined by Article L 551-13 and following of the Code of Administrative Justice, within 31 days of notification or publication of the contested decision.
The Supreme Leader's message to the youth of North America and Europe has opened a golden chapter in the history and it will result in awakening the future generations," Montazeri said, addressing a meeting of the staff of the Court of Administrative Justice.
Unjust by design; Canada's administrative justice system.
Palma advised on individual corporate employment issues, provided advice on general corporate and administrative matters, individual bargaining and conciliation of labor issues within companies, employment litigation, audits and due diligence to domestic and foreign clients in labor matters and administrative disputes before the Ministry of Labor Law and the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice.
The Kafr El-Sheikh Administrative Court referred a lawsuit citing voting irregularities against President Mohamed Morsy and the president of the Supreme Electoral Commission to the First Circuit Court of Administrative Justice on Wednesday.
The meeting approved the establishment of a Supreme Administrative Court after winning a majority voting and after discussions of justifications and grounds of the importance and necessity of the establishment of a Supreme Administrative Court in the Sultanate, including the multi-level litigation in the administrative justice system.
But the Administrative Justice Court said late Tuesday that the commission, overseeing the May 23-24 elections, exceeded its authority by referring the law to the Supreme Constitutional Court to examine its legality.
The compensations may be decided by the judges of the general courts of the Justice Ministry of the administrative justice of the court of grievances," he explained.
The Administrative Justice Court rejected an appeal by the Prime Minister against an earlier court ruling that ordered the removal of police guards from university campuses, legal sources said.
Bulgaria's Supreme Administrative Court is the highest institution in the country in administrative justice.
According to leaked reports, nine are to be axed, including the Legal Services Commission, the Legal Deposit Advisory Committee, the Magistrates Court Rule Committee, the Crown Court Rule Committee; the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council; the Court Boards; HM Inspectorate of Court Administration and the Public Guardian Board.
In a province where the opposition's voice is subdued and there exists a high degree of administrative complexity, the province's ombudsman has much to offer its citizens as a vehicle for good governance and administrative justice.
Delivering the "Noronha Memorial Lecture" on the theme "The Ethical Dimension and Framework of Governance" at the RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration and Management in Bhopal, the Vice President said: "The Public Servants have an obligation to protect and promote our constitutional ideals enshrined in the preamble, to uphold the rule of law, dispense administrative justice and ensure administrative facilitation.
Even though the level of administrative justice in Cyprus is especially high, in line with precedent, especially in the sphere of the administration of penal justice, the interests of children has not been taken into account," said Koursoumba.
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