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The bank exits in 238 administrative divisions since 26 March 2015, accounting for 77% of total administrative divisions in the programme.
It is a modern system for the management of documents and archives and the various mechanisms and procedures in this regard in terms of preparing an index of the various types of documents and files for all the specialised administrative divisions in SEZAD.
The notification further states that the administrative divisions have been altered in pursuant to 25th Amendment Act regarding the merger of the erstwhile Fata areas in the province and in the exercise of the powers conferred as per section 6, Chapter-II of Land Revenue Act 1967.
The solution currently discussed pointed to the adoption of a single standard in administrative divisions, based on dividing each province to three districts.
The operational and maintenance cost of these vehicles will be borne by the government which is also offering a helicopter-bus service to such gewogs and chiwogs (administrative divisions), which don't have road connectivity.
Which island has six administrative divisions called sheadings?
What name is given to the six administrative divisions of the Isle of Man?
The technicians of NCSI were briefed on the application of the system in a number of administrative divisions at Majlis A'Shura, during their tour of the building, listening to a detailed explanation about the most important achievement of the Department in applying the manual and electronic system.
On 16 October 2013, with the extension of Line 11 into Kunshan, Jiangsu province, Shanghai Metro became the first rapid transit system in China to connect two provincial-level administrative divisions. There are plans to further connect the Shanghai Metro with the metro systems of Suzhou and Wuxi.
One of the main causes of this problem: due to ludicrously fragmented territorial and administrative divisions the mayors who need to be able to understand and issue building permits for developments, often worth hundreds of millions of dollars, do not have the staff, especially in terms of professionals, simply because they do not have the budget to pay for them.
"We thank the Hong Kong government, and its related constituent administrative divisions, for supporting the viability and completion of this project."
Michael (history, Messiah College) places the issue against the wider backdrop of colonial territorial formation, examining the territorial disputes between Gorkha and the English East India Company that led to the outbreak of the Anglo-Gorkha War of 1814-1816 and their connections to disputes of tribute, taxation, and tenurial claims pertaining to the geographical construction of the state, as well as the longer processes of colonial boundary formation whereby the colonial authorities sought to construct the internal administrative divisions, through various cartographic projects and changes in administrative routines, in pursuit of the geographical template of the modern state.
Some local pride are masked by arguments which are not present, because the relative stability of the current administrative divisions, led to changes in time the relationship between administrative units, so it is questionable whether the return to the old territorial divisions would provide more rational solutions of administrative organization.
The 142-page atlas has special pages on Jordan, illustrating its natural, geological, climatic, floral, mineral resources maps, as well as soil, industrial estates, administrative divisions, transportation, archaeological sites.
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