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the government of a local area

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According to the report, titled "The Statistical Report on China's Social Service development in 2010," the central government approved nine applications on administrative area changes in 2010, during which, three county-level cities were newly established.
"People think that Lancashire shrank in the re-organisation of 1974, but all that shrank was the administrative area.
Paper Converting has resorted to layoffs a number of times over the past four years, both in the manufacturing and administrative areas. Part of that was because of a strategic restructuring of the company and part because of a frequent softness in the paper industry.
With a few exceptions, particularly in administrative areas, the NRC employs only electronic records management practices.
As medical director, Salom oversees all non-psychiatric medical staff, pharmacy and therapeutic issues and other administrative areas. Kirby has an active staff education program as well as academic affiliations with several metropolitan area universities including the New York University School of Medicine.
We will look further for synergies in sales and administrative areas."
Army Corps of Engineers, unit commander, battalion staff officer for engineer construction units in Hawaii and Germany; 1980-83, instructor/assistant professor in international relations and engineering economics for West Point Department of Social Sciences; 1983, Parsons Brinckerhoff, assistant to CEO; 1986, promoted to VP Finance (controllership, real estate and IT functions); 1989, SVP (HR and other administrative areas); 1991, elected to parent board; 1997, EVP (note that IT and HR now report to the CEO).
-- are preparing to collaborate in nonessential administrative areas to cut costs, industry sources said Monday.
* When possible, prevent offsite access to web-based administrative areas and other tools that you use to maintain your web presence.
The Lowry Centre in Salford, a massive engineering tour de force on the banks of the Manchester Ship Cana by Michael Wilford & Partners, contains two theatres, two galleries, conference facilities, and rehearsal, catering and administrative areas, all on a triangular site.
John Lambrechts, director of investor relations, said that 1200-1500 staff would be laid off, mainly from administrative areas of duplication.
Many of the survey respondents (39.5 percent) had journalism backgrounds; others had come from public relations specializations other than higher education (31.6 percent) or administrative areas in higher education other than public affairs (20.3 percent).
The remaining 28% expected new employees in clerical and administrative areas.
Features include an adult day care activity room with kitchenette, patient activity rooms, physical/occupational therapy facilities, administrative areas, hair salon, chapel, fully-equipped kitchen, and dining room.
Other central office uses of computers relate to personnel, inservice training, program planning, program evaluation, and other administrative areas. Here, too, the budgetary and expenditure aspects have been automated along with inventories, mailing lists and calendars.
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