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the government of a local area

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According to the report, titled "The Statistical Report on China's Social Service development in 2010," the central government approved nine applications on administrative area changes in 2010, during which, three county-level cities were newly established.
Paper Converting has resorted to layoffs a number of times over the past four years, both in the manufacturing and administrative areas.
GAO designed implementation of EDMS/ERMS for administrative staff so that only a single bucket--administrative--appears on the desktop of personnel in the administrative area.
It turned out that no one had broken into the web server, but somebody did enter the administrative area of the site and sent the message from there.
Contract notice: Central medical care on-call service kisE[bar]jszEillEis, kenderes ecsegfalva and administrative areas, kisE[bar]jszEillEis center
Simone Development Companies, a full service real estate investment company, has announced two promotions and one new appointment in the company's accounting and administrative areas.
We rely on Dell to provide us with a quality desktop-printer solution within our administrative areas at the most reasonable cost of ownership.
Goitom Semere, water and soil conservation expert, the micro-dam is believed to alleviate the existed water shortage in the area and would serve the administrative areas of Geza-Kelati, Chegebna, Dalik and Ad-Kelkel.
The administrative areas are a combination of custom designed millwork and furniture systems.
He joined the company in 1979 and held various officer-level positions in the executive, sales, business development and administrative areas.
Redae Bahlibi, head of economic development in Goluj sub-zone, explained that the project has made vital impact as regards creating job opportunities, while the inhabitants of Gerset, Goluj and Aklalat administrative areas are carrying out popular activities in the project.
The design features a coiled "fabric-like" display wall that fluidly separates the showroom from both the design and administrative areas.
AMC and Lucidoc completed training, loading and converting of nearly 2,300 cross-departmental polices and procedures spanning all clinical, ancillary and administrative areas within six weeks.
Zerai Berhe, Administrator of the sub-zone, indicated that the significance of use of hygienic practices in prevention of communicable diseases and the communal initiative thereof would continue in all administrative areas through a highly organized manner.
The new building will house the library staff, while the renovated one will eventually house a new community room twice the size of the original, as well as a children's program room, administrative areas and a reading room with a fireplace.
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