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The Abyei Administrative Area, an oil-rich territory of more than 10,000 square kilometers, is contested by both Sudan and South Sudan.
In accordance with paragraph 25(1) of Schedule 14 to the Local Government Act 1972, it is hereby resolved that section 18 of the Public Health Act 1925 shall apply throughout the administrative area of Northumberland County Council.
Statistics reveal that by the end of 2010 China had 34 province-level administrative regions, 333 prefecture-level administrative regions, 2,856 county-level administrative areas and 40,906 administrative divisions at township level.
"This Notice of Motion has been declined as it is contravention of council procedures that state all motions must relate to both matters for which the council has a responsibility and which substantially affect the wellbeing of the administrative area of the council.
"Administrative areas come and go but we are interested in the traditional county identity."
With a few exceptions, particularly in administrative areas, the NRC employs only electronic records management practices.
Having the administrative area next to the main entry is an important aspect of that.
It turned out that no one had broken into the web server, but somebody did enter the administrative area of the site and sent the message from there.
At its regular meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir, the council also resolved to fund celebrations in Greater Pibor Administrative Area and in Abyei region.
Also, infrastructure was rebuilt in the administrative area, piping systems and fire protection system.
The areas run by Middlesbrough Stockton and Redcar councils become part of one unified administrative area which is called Teesside.
The renovation also included the addition of an administrative area for the hospital.
"Akobo has enough population to make a separate administrative area like Pibor.
As a councillor, surely he is aware that the NRY was officially abolished as a Local Government administrative area in 1974.
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