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an administrative unit of government

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Reportedly, in June 2018, certain minority shareholders of the company had submitted an application to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland for conducting a special audit.
For some clients who repeatedly obtain orders or agency actions from the same agency, the better strategy might be to accept the final order in one matter, and then seek to change the minds of the administrative agency decision makers in the future.
Such payments may take the form of court-ordered judgments, administrative agency orders or settlements between the parties.
It will cooperate with the Kitakyushu municipality and the Kyushu Institute of Technology in the project sponsored by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, an independent administrative agency.
Micrus Endovascular received approval for the devices from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), an independent administrative agency, on March 1.
It is well-known in the world of environmental exposure that policyholders in all jurisdictions face environmental liabilities, subjecting them to costly administrative agency orders--in lieu of formal lawsuits--requiring remediation and abatement of contamination.
The labor ministry instead has orchestrated the organization's survival as an independent administrative agency, despite criticism that the tasks it performs could easily be carried out by a private business.
Cities and towns are encouraged to submit a report of their expenses for Orange Alerts as soon as possible to their respective Office for Domestic Preparedness State Administrative Agency (SAA), to seek reimbursement from funds provided through the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) or Operation Liberty Shield Critical Infrastructure Protection Fund.
beef imports following the discovery of the first case of mad cow disease in the United States, an independent administrative agency said Tuesday.
The appeals court reversed, finding that the exhaustion requirement in the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) applied to the grievance procedure described in the inmate handbook, even though it had not been formally adopted by the state administrative agency and even though the effectiveness of the handbook's grievance procedure may have been unclear.
Contact the state's "administrative agency for assistance." For example, in New Jersey, it is the State Division of Criminal Justice, and, in California, it is the Office of Criminal Justice Planning.
Through arbitration agreements, parties present their case to a neutral third party empowered to render a decision, instead of to a judge, jury or administrative agency. The arbitrator, who must be independent and impartial, renders a decision after both sides present evidence and legal arguments at an arbitration hearing.
The tenants include Ballet British Columbia, the province's most popular dance attraction; DanceArts Vancouver, a troupe run by veteran choreographer Judith Marcuse; New Performance Works, a management company for smaller groups, similar to New York's Pentacle; the Vancouver Ballet Society, which maintains a dance library and publishes Dance International, a quarterly magazine; and the Dance Centre, the administrative agency for the complex.
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