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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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For these reasons, studying the status of comparative administrative law in legal education appears crucial.
To give an account of French and Belgian practices in teaching administrative comparative law we looked at the law programs in various universities; we then pinned down modules in comparative law, comparative public law and comparative administrative law.
A significant part of the doctrine supported the idea that French administrative law had nothing to learn from abroad and that legal transplants in public law were dangerous.
The status of comparative administrative law was very poor until the end of the 20 (th) century.
28) In the same vein, comparative law--any kind of comparative law, comparative administrative law included--is very often approached in this very pragmatic and eclectic way.
Presented in such a way, teaching comparative administrative law seems an obvious need.
The lack of specialization in comparative administrative law
32) It mainly concerns comparative constitutional law, leaving relatively little room for comparative administrative law.
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