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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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Even if a blossoming of new modules entitled "comparative administrative law" is not likely to happen overnight, there is clearly increasing awareness that the lawyers of tomorrow need to develop the skills to work globally and to look at their own system from a critical and constructive perspective.
A significant part of the doctrine supported the idea that French administrative law had nothing to learn from abroad and that legal transplants in public law were dangerous.
The status of comparative administrative law was very poor until the end of the 20 (th) century.
Belgium is best known for its sustained pragmatism, in a fashion familiar to English lawyers: (27) pragmatism infuses legal education in administrative law. The lecturer will seek to equip students with the tools to learn how to formulate critical reasoning, reform and make decisions to meet the needs of citizens and other legal actors.
Presented in such a way, teaching comparative administrative law seems an obvious need.
The lack of specialization in comparative administrative law
(32) It mainly concerns comparative constitutional law, leaving relatively little room for comparative administrative law.
Overall, French universities offer very few master's courses specializing in comparative administrative law. The situation is even direr in Belgium, where there is no Master 2 (or "Master complementaire," "master's after
A master's entitled "Comparative Administrative Law" would probably be far too specific to attract a sufficient number of students in Belgium.
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