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a person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution)

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The vice president said that TIN gave the managers of the national tax administration systems the capacity to conveniently and efficiently access and connect information from multiple sources.
When the industry spoke in decades instead of days, it was easier to think about legacy replacement projects that would take years to modernize a company's core administration systems. But with iPhone app updates happening in the background as daily life goes on unaffected, expectations have shifted.
A Spokesman for Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) informed that, 'We are currently observing an outage on IMEWE network administration system due to cable cut near Jeddah.'
The spokesperson said: "We took the decision to close to new admissions for a few days to allow an updated and improved patient administration system to be put in place and ward colleagues to be trained."
"Sapiens IDIT continues to offer a strong digital policy administration system for insurers globally, with strong experience across Europe," wrote Craig Beattie, a senior analyst with Celent's insurance practice, in the "EMEA Policy Administration Solutions 2015" report.
Education minister Hakubun Shimomura is set to ask an advisory panel on education possibly next week to begin study on details of the new local educational administration system. The education ministry is planning to submit a bill to revise the current legislation to an ordinary Diet session next year.
Let's break down some of the myths around data migration and try to take some of the fear out of moving ahead with a new policy administration system (PAS).
Summary: Within the programme of sustainable development that international oil companies which are working in the Libyan oil and gas sector held a workshop Thursday 24/06/2012 to display the programme of complete environmental administration system sponsored by ENI North Africa Company.
According to John Shaetonhodi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nam-mic Payment Solutions, Nam-mic Financial Service Holdings whose majority ownership are NUNW affiliated unions, created Nam-mic Payment Solutions for the union's administration system that issues membership cards to union members and can be used as debit cards too.
The first step in understanding how a policy administration system gives an insurer a technology edge is to identify what kinds of value a policy administration system could provide.
(OLIC), Thailand has selected ElixirAsia, Mastek's enterprise-wide policy administration system. The implementation of the system will cover all lines of business at OLIC, including individual life and group life.
a leading provider of insurance product development solutions and modern P&C policy administration systems that create enterprise product agility, has announced that Mid-Continent Group, a member of American Financial Group, has selected Camilion Authority Suite as their policy administration system.
Part of the funds are to acquire an Integrated Financial Administration System (ERP).
Zalans wishes to see a state administration system that works in a fast, efficient and harmonized way, ensuring implementation of its basic functions as well as development.
Riyadh, 16 Sept: Riyadh Chamber of Commerce has sealed an agreement with Oger Systems to develop the public administration system of the Chamber along with reconstruction and restructuring of external electronic gate in the chamber.
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