Supreme Court of the United States

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the highest federal court in the United States

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While responsibility and authority for the administration of the courts is granted in Article V to the chief justice, the Supreme Court, and the chief judges of the various courts, the ultimate quality and efficiency of the court system is a shared responsibility, arising from the significant constitutional controls the legislature and the governor have over aspects of the courts.
The Supreme Court is charged with overall administration of the court system from the appellate courts down to the district magisterial courts.
A spokesman for Channel 5 said: 'We are convinced that the content of the programme could in no way harm these young babies or the proper administration of the court proceedings.
The chief justice has substantial additional duties, relating to both the administration of the court itself, but also as to the branch," Hall said.
The clerk of court shall perform all responsibilities required by law and provide such other services for the efficient and proper administration of the court as may be required by administrative order or local rule.
Where, as here, significant reasons of fiscal concern and the proper administration of the courts exist, or could conceivably exist, to justify distinctions between judicial offices, the lack of mathematical symmetry within the unified court system shall be disregarded.
Although a trial forms the background for this text, the specific matter that it treats appears to be one of administration; it just so happens that the administration in question here is the administration of the courts.
The National Center for State courts--which researches, studies and reports on judicial systems in the 50 states--has informed us that no other state in the nation has a constitutional provision giving a legislature ultimate authority over administration of the courts.
Canady praised chief circuit and district court of appeal judges, who, he said, carry out the day-to-day administration of the courts.
Chapters address the development of the Irish legal system, the court system, the judiciary and administration of the Courts Service of Ireland, the first instance jurisdiction of the courts, civil and criminal court procedure, the appellate jurisdiction of the courts, alternative dispute resolution, access to law, remedies and enforcement, law reform, precedent, legislation, interpretation of legislation, the Constitution and its interpretation, European Community law and the European Union, and international law.
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