Job's tears

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hard pearly seeds of an Asiatic grass

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lachryma-jobi by dividing the whole plant into eight parts, and have found that the adlay bran has the most significant effect of reducing the content of plasma cholesterol.
Feeding studies were performed as follows: (a) control group (lard 10%); (b) adlay oil 5% group (adlay oil 5% + lard 5%); (c) adlay oil 10% group (adlay oil 10%).
05) (Table 3) as well either in the 5% or 10% adlay oil groups.
Effects of different doses adlay oil diets on blood lipids
To evaluate the effects of adlay oil on the regulation of plasma lipids in rats, the total cholesterol and triacylglycerols were assayed.
Effects of the concentration of plasma insulin and leptin were affected on the adlay oil diets
The concentrations of plasma insulin were significantly decreased in both adlay oil fed rats (p < 0.
Effects of liver cholesterol and TBARS in plasma and liver on adlay oil fed rats
On feeding diets containing adlay oil, the plasma TBARS were statistically significant decreased (p < 0.
The effect of adlay oil on the adipose tissue weight, and concentration of insulin and leptin
This research found no apparent difference in the weight of rats fed diets containing different types of fat for a period of 4 weeks, but the rats fed on adlay oil showed a reduction in adipose tissue, and presented even lower plasma insulin and leptin concentrations.
The effect of adlay oil on plasma lipids and hepatic cholesterol
It has been further found in this research that 5% adlay oil also has the apparent effect of decreasing plasma cholesterol and triacylglycerol contents in rats, but there is no dose-response relation between the capability of adlay oil to decrease the triacylglycerol concentration and the amount of adlay oil contained in the diet.