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an accounting entry made at the end of an accounting period to allocate items between accounting periods

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At the end of month two and three, prepare the adjusting journal entries to adjust the trading securities portfolio and the available for sale securities portfolio to fair market value.
They must also propose adjusting journal entries and determine the effect on income.
The powerful automated currency revaluation feature simplifies the period-end close process by generating adjusting journal entries to reflect exchange rate fluctuations.
Assuming your firm has internal controls in place, only a select few people should be able to access and make adjusting journal entries anyway.
Deposit refunds or applications must be entered as adjusting journal entries.
The Adjusting Journal Entries handles any adjustments in the books, including depreciation and tax adjustments.
Proposing adjusting journal entries is considered to be a normal function of an audit and is not considered a nonattest service subject to Interpretation 101-3.