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Synonyms for adjunct

Synonyms for adjunct

a subordinate element added to another entity

Synonyms for adjunct

something added to another thing but not an essential part of it

a person who is an assistant or subordinate to another

Related Words

a construction that can be used to extend the meaning of a word or phrase but is not one of the main constituents of a sentence

furnishing added support

of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another


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Students can be encouraged to identify and develop one or two areas that they can incorporate adjunctly into a counseling practice; however, they must be taught that their scope of practice is limited to the arts as an adjunct to counseling rather than being a designated, certification-based arts therapy.
Barros at the Hospital Perola Byington ,where over 3,000 indigent women are screened daily, I truly believe that BreastCare(TM) can make a difference in early detection when used adjunctly with clinical palpation and mammography.