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Therapy options for PD motor symptoms include dopamine agonists alone in early PD [6] or adjunctively with levodopa in advanced PD [6, 7].
Also, we can use the following evaluation method to obtain the final result, adjunctively.
Poverty Level or adjunctively eligible for other child nutrition programs), and nutrition risk requirements.
Autologous tissue grafts (tissue from a remote site from the same patient) consisting, where appropriate, of bone, cartilage, muscle, fascia, skin, tarsus, conjunctiva or a combination of these may be utilised adjunctively or as an alternative to flaps.
For Medicare coverage, they would "need to serve a primary medical purpose and not be used adjunctively" according to a recent review by Dexcom, a company seeking a primary monitoring indication for its CGM.
For this reason, prescription of a phosphate binder is often used to adjunctively manage hyperphosphatemia (Malberti, 2013).
NEW YORK -- When art therapy is adjunctively combined with cognitive-processing therapy in combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder, there is a trend for improvement in the Beck Depression Inventory-II score and greater reported patient satisfaction with the therapy, according to interim results from the first known randomized trial to evaluate the addition of art therapy in this setting.
Bitler and Currie focus on a large national sample of mothers whose births were paid for by Medicaid (so that all of the mothers were adjunctively eligible for WIC).
Animal study performed to test the concept of bacterial replacement therapy in the treatment of plaque related periodontal disease, this study assessed quantitative changes in the subgingival microbiota after root planing when beneficial bacteria were applied adjunctively. Although application of beneficial bacteria did not exclude pathogen recolonization, it did delay the recolonization process significantly.
The lemon balm extract used in this study has demonstrated a potential role in the treatment and/or prevention of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and dyslipidaemia, but further studies in humans are required to better understand dosing, safety and potential roles in using adjunctively with existing diabetic treatments.
It was approved by the FDA in 2011 for screening women aged 21 years and older with abnormal cervical cytology results and for use adjunctively with normal cervical cytology in women aged 30 years and older to assess the presence or absence of high-risk HPV genotypes.
Where the conferences parallel each other is the focus on alternative and complementary therapies and how these might be integrated into or used in adjunctively with standard medical therapies.
Surgical removal (craniotomy) of the tumor is usually performed as standard treatment for glioma and in the majority of cases radiation and/or chemotherapy is administered adjunctively post-surgery.