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Synonyms for adjective

the word class that qualifies nouns

of or relating to or functioning as an adjective


relating to court practice and procedure as opposed to the principles of law

References in classic literature ?
Now observe the Adjective. Here was a case where simplicity would have been an advantage; therefore, for no other reason, the inventor of this language complicated it all he could.
I have shown what a bother it is to decline a good (male) friend; well this is only a third of the work, for there is a variety of new distortions of the adjective to be learned when the object is feminine, and still another when the object is neuter.
These two had been boys together in Virginia when that state still ranked as the chief and most imposing member of the Union, and they still coupled the proud and affectionate adjective "old" with her name when they spoke of her.
You have, indeed, flattered me very strongly by representing me as constantly thinking of and for other people, whereas the rest think of themselves alone, but on the other hand you have contradictorily called me "unsocial," which is certainly the last adjective I should have expected to find in the neighborhood of my name.
The gentle oath, the violent adjective, which are typical of our language and which he had cultivated before as a sign of manliness, he now elaborately eschewed.
But he could not find an adjective that would make the line the right length, try how he might.
It must be especially observed in justice to poor Kit that he was by no means of a sentimental turn, and perhaps had never heard that adjective in all his life.
Miss Sawyer shuddered openly at the adjective "lively" as applied to a child; her belief being that though children might be seen, if absolutely necessary, they certainly should never be heard if she could help it.
To be sure our panegyrics were somewhat laconic, consisting in the repetition of that name, united with the potent adjective 'motarkee'.
We would not wish to mislead our readers in their conceptions of any of our characters, and we therefore feel it necessary to add that the adjective, in the preceding agnomen of Mr.
That said, the general aim of the article is to take a new look at Old English zero derivation and alternations in terms of (i) an overview of zero derivation in Old English, (ii) a description of the vocalic alternations that relate zero derived nouns, adjectives and weak verbs to their bases of derivation and (iii) an account of the significance of alternations in the wider context of the evolution of the lexicon of English.
The word prior is synonymous with the word before, sometimes even with the adjectives earlier and first.
Theories addressing the similarities and differences between male and female speech often focus on social and cultural influences that may cause a man or woman to actor speak in a certain way; for example, claims that women use more adjectives/or a broader variety of adjectives than men do.
From the perspective of developmental psychologists and psycholinguists, the main question on word acquisition concerns how young children learn words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.).
Other researchers have attempted to create their own spectator sport BP scale by going straight to the source: sport managers to create the BP adjectives subsequently sent to fans to assess the adjectives' applicability with fans' perceptions of the team's BP (Heere, 2010; Tsiotsou, 2012; Walsh et al., 2013).