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the mathematics of triangles and trigonometric functions

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A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council said: "Following requests to address parking congestion in parts of High Heaton, we have been consulting with residents at Holystone Crescent, Weldon Crescent and adjacent side roads about the feasibility of introducing a permit parking scheme.
Given the cottage industry that has sprung up around TED-style public speaking, an adjacent side gallery fittingly evoked a training room.
A report to the cabinet said: "The evidence from Merseyside police indicate substantial numbers of reported non-domestic incidents connected with alcohol consumption in the Tuebrook and Stoneycroft and Kensington and Fairfield wards generally and specifically in the West Derby Road corridor and Kensington/Prescot Road/Edge Lane corridor and all the adjacent side streets.
FOURTH LUMBRICAL: In the present study, fourth lumbrical takes origin from adjacent side of the tendon of flexor digitorum profundus of ring and little fingers in all the 40 specimens.
The hypotenuse of each right-angled triangle coincides with the adjacent side of a smaller, down-scaled right-angled triangle.
In a triangle, when trying to find a specific angle for writing G & M Code, the side touching the missing angle and the hypotenuse is called the adjacent side. The side away from the angle is the opposite side.
David LaPierre, executive vice president CBRE Retail, who joined Goldberg and Kurland on a panel moderated by Nina Kampler, senior managing director, CBRE Retail Services, characterized the Times Square "bowtie" of Broadway to Seventh Avenue and its adjacent side streets as "one of the most continually evolving, dynamic and high-priced retail markets in Manhattan."
The three-story cast-in-place concrete structure is located on a predominantly commercial street with one-story residential buildings on adjacent side streets.
The Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center features more than 100 exhibitors and a street fair on two adjacent side streets.
There were ugly scenes as police and troops forced back the crowd to enable the convoy to pass and take a detour through adjacent side streets to get the UN chief to a meeting with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, the AFP correspondent said.
Each chassis ear is held laterally inwardly folded until being released and unfolded laterally outward so as to project laterally outward beyond the adjacent side flap.
A collapsed sewer has forced the contractor to dig up the road through the village and traffic lights have been set up to control traffic on the road and on an adjacent side road.
Working my way up the adjacent side of the canyon from the sheep, I got into position and signaled Jeremy that I was ready.
The Repeater automated print and apply system allows users to print and apply one label to the front of a corrugated carton and an identical label to an adjacent side of the same carton.
The stove is burned black, the ceiling tiles above it are scorched, and the adjacent side of the refrigerator is sooted.