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Synonyms for trigonometry

the mathematics of triangles and trigonometric functions

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Anson has mentioned the tendon is inserted into the ulnar side of the base of the digit to which tendon is attached or the tendon may divide and go to adjacent sides of fingers.
The Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center features more than 100 exhibitors and a street fair on two adjacent side streets.
There were ugly scenes as police and troops forced back the crowd to enable the convoy to pass and take a detour through adjacent side streets to get the UN chief to a meeting with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, the AFP correspondent said.
Each chassis ear is held laterally inwardly folded until being released and unfolded laterally outward so as to project laterally outward beyond the adjacent side flap.
A collapsed sewer has forced the contractor to dig up the road through the village and traffic lights have been set up to control traffic on the road and on an adjacent side road.
Side Cinema, run by the Amber/ Side co-operative which also runs the adjacent Side Gallery, has a lot of fans, among them musician Martin Stephenson, frontman of The Daintees.
Working my way up the adjacent side of the canyon from the sheep, I got into position and signaled Jeremy that I was ready.
The Repeater automated print and apply system allows users to print and apply one label to the front of a corrugated carton and an identical label to an adjacent side of the same carton.
The stove is burned black, the ceiling tiles above it are scorched, and the adjacent side of the refrigerator is sooted.
One bus stop in the Jumeirah area is surrounded by a marked parking lane, which continues around all the adjacent side roads.
The trick is to coat one side of each corner and let it dry overnight before troweling joint compound on each adjacent side.
Accident statistics reveal there have been 33 injuries in five years - 28 slight, four serious and one fatal, with the main problem area outside St Peter's College of Maths and Computing and the adjacent side roads.
Drivers can only access San Fernando -- soon to be renamed Main Street -- by adjacent side streets.
Also, if you know the size of the angle and the length of the hypotenuse, you can calculate the length of the adjacent side.