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one of 7 to 12 sons of Aditi

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The Adityas of the Vedic religion, most frequently called 'Lords', and the 'Wise Lord' or 'Lord Wisdom' together with 'Lord Contract/Alliance' (Miora) and 'Lord Hospitality/Civility/Custom' (Airyaman) in Iran are unique among the Indo-European ethnicities.
Carnoy (91) independently proposed elaborate identifications of Babylonian and Indo-Iranian deities, often involving secondary developments like the seven Adityas of the Veda and the six Amasa Spantas (plus Ahura Mazdah) of the Younger Avesta in an attempt to link them to Babylonian symbolism regarding the number seven.
2-3) Indra, the typical deva, rescues the world together with the Adityas! So Indra's fight cannot be against Varuna, Mitra, etc.
(89.) "Varuna und die Adityas," ZDMG 50 (1896): 48-68 [62-68].
(88.) It would be more correct to speak of analogical thought processes and parallel tendencies rather than systematic correspondences: Thieme, "Die vedischen Aditya und die zarathustrischen Amasa Spanta," in Zarathustra, ed.
''He just told me, 'Praise God, this new year brings a lot of good fortune,''' Adityas recalled, holding her grandson tight while weeping uncontrollably.
This has led some scholars, especially Luders, Thieme, and Brereton, to link the concept of vrata historically and conceptually to the Adityas, in general, and to Varuna, in particular.
In his study of the group of deities called Adityas, Brereton defends the claim that vrata and varuna are etymologically related, and indeed that they mean virtually the same thing: "commandment" or "authority." (18) Thus, he defines Varuna as the god of commandments, preeminent among the group of personified abstract principles called the "Children of innocence (Aditi)," who are the heavenly sponsors and defenders of the rules of good conduct, and the punishers of offense (agas) against those rules.
Brereton notes that while the Adityas as a group are praised for upholding righteousness (rta) and punishing transgressors, Varuna alone tends to be invoked when the transgressor himself prays for mercy (7.87.7, 88.6, 89.5).
(5.) Joel Brereton, The Rgvedic Adityas, American Oriental Series, no.
The Rgvedic Adityas. New Haven: American Oriental Society.
(50.) That Witzel's conjecture aditya for a damaged text-part in KathA 2.104 must be correct is apparent from the following sentences, up to imam llokams tejasavrnoti "covers these worlds with light" (Witzel 1972: 40-42).
For example, Agni, Brhaspati, Vac, and Mitra were brahmanas; Varuna, Rudra, Vayu, Yama, and Visnu were ksatriyas; multiple deities such as the Visve Devas, Adityas, Maruts, Vasus, and Rhus were vaisyas or sudras; Savitr and Soma could be either brahmanas or ksatriyas; Sarasvati could be either brahmana or vaisya; and Prajapati could be of any varna.
In week two, ( escape artist Demian Aditya did not manage to earn enough votes after he experienced some technical difficulties.
(49) Note that the Aditya form of Rudra is described by Bunce (2000:451) as holding a lotus on two of his four hands--an iconographic feature that distinguishes Surya too.