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a river in northern Italy that flows southeast into the Adriatic Sea

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2006, once the award of security service at the buildings of the Regional Trentino Alto Adige INPS.
To craft this demi-sec cider, the cider makers used a blend of culinary apples from the Sudtirol, also known as the Alto Adige region of Italy, a fertile valley known for wine making.
At least six people have been killed in a train crash in the north Italian region of Alto Adige on Monday, Italian news agency Ansa reported, citing emergency workers.
A couple of years later,he returned to London to lecture,before deciding he wanted to live somewhere warmer and heading off for the Alto Adige region where he was able find a business niche,marry and settle down - and enjoy the skiing.
Contacts have been established between Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod and Bolzano, and Alto Adige will be represented at a food festival in Llangollen in the autumn.
The purpose of this grant is the organization and management of the nursery communal The Mills of the Adige site in Pescantina, Via Belvedere 30 suitable to host a number of children aged between 3 and 36 months equal to n.
9% Wine Shops) from five countries and regions got the opportunity to taste wines from over 30 different wineries from all across Italy, including Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli, Lazio, Trention Alto Adige and Sicily.
Krafuss Alto Adige Pinot Nero Alois Lageder Alto, Adige, Italy 2004
Services office cleaning services, meeting facilities and municipal cleaning of the common areas of condominiums Via Adige Via Mattei 9 and 30 as well as the ancillary services such as mowing grass in condominiums above the retail structure is shown in ~Annex 1 - Business list.
GV is also produced in smaller amounts in Austria's Wien (Vienna), Neusiedersee and Weinviertel wine regions, as well as in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy's Alto Adige region, whose Veltliners tend to be leaner and more refined than their Austrian counterparts, with a well-expressed mineral quality.
Adige President - Corporate Affairs and Global Corporate Communications Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
Il Fornaio (Nasdaq:ILFO) continues its ongoing exploration of the authentic food, wine and bread of Italy's twenty regions with this month's stop in Trentino -- Alto Adige, the country's northernmost region.
Promoter Financial Intermediary : BANCA POPOLARE DELL'ALTO ADIGE
Adige Executive Director -- Corporate Affairs and Global Corporate Communications Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.