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According to a report, a case of Herpes zoster ophthalmicus complicated with complete ophthalmoplegia showed mydriatic pupil reacting to dilute pilocarpine, which is a sign of Adie's pupil and is not supposed to occur in mydriasis caused due to third nerve palsy.
If they complain of large pupils, think about 3rd cranial nerve palsy, Adie's pupil (tonic pupil syndrome), trauma, uveitis, or a pharmacologic cause.
(2-4) There are few reports on occurrence of Adie's pupil during a migraine attack (1,5-7).
b There is a right Adie's pupil due to parasympathetic dysfunction
Adie's pupil is also an example of light-near dissociation, while aberrant third nerve regeneration (aberrant re-innervation of the iris sphincter by accommodative neurons or medial rectus neurons) can cause the pupil to constrict in attempted adduction.