adiabatic process

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(thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat

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Other mechanisms for failure include cold drawing and adiabatic heating (viscous flow): neither of these will be considered for developing a selective grinding process.
Higher projectile velocities led to adiabatic heating and decomposition in the PVC samples.
Effects of light scattering and attenuation due to crystallization of polyethylene, the influence of packing pressure on crystallization kinetics and adiabatic heating, and viscoelastic volume relaxation of polystyrene as it approaches [T.
p] is specific heat, k is thermal conductivity and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is the rate of heat generated by crystallization and by adiabatic heating and cooling, i.
For the adiabatic heating experiments, the gasket was suspended in a beaker to minimize convective losses caused by the fan in the microwave.
Figure 2 shows typical temperature histories for adiabatic heating of the 50% PANI and 60% PANI gaskets.
Indirect evidence of the influence of adiabatic heating in the contact zone is inferred from the influence of the sliding velocity on the deformation processes.
To quantify the effects of friction and adiabatic heating on the mechanical response of the material, numerical simulations have been performed.
As adiabatic heating also affects HPP performance, these points should be considered when planning experiments:
At present there is little literature available on high strain rate testing under biaxial conditions or the effect that adiabatic heating has at these high strain rates.
Hillmansen (7) demonstrated, by increasing the crosshead speed in a series of dog-bone tensile tests, that adiabatic heating eventually destabilized drawing.
p] with further increases in test speed may have reflected a local increase in matrix mobility linked to adiabatic heating (24), a 50 K increase in temperature being observed ahead of the crack tip at speeds of 0.
This adiabatic heating effect complicates the study of fracture as a function of test speed [10].
c) adiabatic heating involved orientational crystallization (8).
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