adiabatic process

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(thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat

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While there must be a lifting source, such as daytime heating, frontal lifting or terrain (orthographic lifting), the common thread in all vertical development is adiabatic expansion and subsequent condensation.
Their topics include measuring ion mobility in a gas jet formed by adiabatic expansion, a cryogenic-temperature ion mobility mass spectrometer for improved ion mobility resolution, multiplexed ion mobility spectrometry and ion-mobility-mass spectrometry, metabolomics by ion mobility-mass spectrometry, profiling and imaging tissues, deciphering carbohydrate structures with applications in biological features related to carbohydrate chemistry and biology, and the conformational landscape of biomolecules.
They may ask you about adiabatic expansion of the fridge coolant ...
Of course, this happens when air comes into contact with a cold surface, when it's cooled by radiation or by adiabatic expansion (rising).
The probe with nitrous oxide cryogen (Joule-Thomson type, involving adiabatic expansion of compressed gas) achieves a temperature of at least -70[degrees]C at the probe tip.
Although the gas preheating temperature could have been calculated from the equation for gas adiabatic expansion, trial and error is generally required to find out the best preheating temperature to reduce the time for reaching initial thermal equilibrium to an acceptable degree.
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