adiabatic process

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(thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat

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They may ask you about adiabatic expansion of the fridge coolant .
Of course, this happens when air comes into contact with a cold surface, when it's cooled by radiation or by adiabatic expansion (rising).
The probe with nitrous oxide cryogen (Joule-Thomson type, involving adiabatic expansion of compressed gas) achieves a temperature of at least -70[degrees]C at the probe tip.
Process 3-4 is essentially a throttling step, consisting of adiabatic expansion through a valve.
A commonly held view in the meteorological literature, based on the adiabatic parcel model, puts the rate at which latent heat is liberated in a saturated parcel as proportional to the vertical velocity, as that determines the rate of adiabatic expansion and cooling experienced by the parcel.
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