adiabatic process

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(thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat

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In the Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling System, the basin--and the potential for harmful bacteria growth and contamination--is eliminated.
Increased adiabatic cooling - A patent-pending "adiabatic booster system" enables the unit to deliver even lower process cooling water temperatures in the hottest climates, still without the use of central chiller.
Involving the replacement of the plant's existing beside-the-machine chillers with centralised chilled water and adiabatic cooling systems, the project is designed to optimise efficiency through the exploitation of direct air-cooling and a heat exchanger.
The water on the mesh provides an adiabatic cooling effect on the incoming air, reducing the temperature before it has even reached your heat rejection coil and reducing power consumption by as much as 30-40%.
Richard Metcalfe, sales director at ICS Industrial Cooling provided one of the country's leading plastics bearing manufacturers with an Adiabatic Cooling solution, explaining: "Adiabatic Coolers were an easy choice for their company.
For restaurants, halls and offices you can get ETA PAC; an air handling unit with adiabatic cooling.
Trane, the HVAC subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, has announced the introduction of its Adiabatic Cooling system that improves the reliability and efficiency of its air-cooled systems operating in adverse conditions.
Temperature of the surrounding air and produce can be reduced by forced air-cooling, hydro cooling, vacuum cooling, ice cooling, and adiabatic cooling [8].
Engineers are also considering complementary techniques such as adiabatic cooling and borehole technology to improve conditions below ground.
Working closely with environmental engineers, Arup New York, it settled on a passive climate controlled system known as adiabatic cooling, which takes advantage of the hot arid climate.
The principal result of an electrical discharge crippling Earth's magnetic field would be a profound adiabatic cooling, so intense that we're still seeing the residual effects today.
The calculated and observed curves have identical shape but differ in magnitude by [approximately]12% at the knee, The concave upward shape of the curves for t [less than] 18 s is caused by a combination of adiabatic cooling, heat of crystallization, and temperature dependent crystallization kinetics.
This design features wetted media or spray type that uses adiabatic cooling to cool the air directly before going into the data center.
New EarthSmart adiabatic cooling towers from Conair, Cranberry Township, Pa.
Plastics processors who use the EarthSmart[TM] Adiabatic Cooling Towers from Conair can reportedly reduce water and energy consumption and prevent contamination of process fluid, while maintaining stable leaving fluid temperatures, even in hot weather.
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