adiabatic process

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(thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat

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In view of this, in the present study, along with nearly adiabatic tests nearly isothermal SHPB tests are also designed and conducted by deforming the specimens in a series of incremental steps at strain-rates similar to those used in the adiabatic compression tests.
For calculation purposes it is accepted that during initial compression in individual volume parts, adiabatic compression and isochoric heat transfer (5) can be expressed as:
c]--condensation temperature, To vaporization temperature, 2r--vapor state after adiabatic compression, 2ir--vapor state after irreversible compression.
7 KW is needed at adiabatic compression and it is heated to 64C.
Adiabatic compression of surface air results in a temperature rise of approximately 4[degrees]C/1,000 m so refrigeration is essential for workings below 2,000 m.
2a]--freon enthalpy upon adiabatic compression completing, kJ/kg.
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