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the property of being able to occupy less space

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The variation of Density, Viscosity, Velocity, adiabatic compressibility (Pad), intermodular free length (Lf), relaxation time (X), free volume (Vf), internal pressure (ni), acoustical impedance (Z),constant (W), ultrasonic attenuation ([alpha]/f2), Rao's constant (R), molar volume (Vm), and cohesive energy (CE) of pyrimidine derivatives at 313 K in different concentrations are shown in Figures 1 to 13.
The opposite trend of ultrasonic velocity (figure-3) and adiabatic compressibility indicates the association among interacting pyrimidine derivatives and water molecules.
Similarly, for a "pure liquid" scatterer, the adiabatic compressibility and density of the scatterer [rho].
From the experimental values a number of thermodynamic parameters, namely ultrasonic velocity, adiabatic compressibility, acoustical impedance, relaxation time, free length, free volume, internal pressure, Rao's constant, ultrasonic attenuation, cohesive energy, molar volume, and Wada's constant have been calculated.
On using ultrasonic velocity, density, viscosity, and the following acoustical parameters like adiabatic compressibility ([kappa]) [17], intermolecular free length [18] ([L.