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occurring without loss or gain of heat

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The signature of this is the unusual shape of the adiabat, as was noticed by Dyakov and Kontorovich (see references in Belonoshko et al, 2005).
We determined C* by numerical integration along an adiabat (i.
Uncertainties in the thermodynamic properties will cause uncertainties in the adiabat necessary for computing C*.
1), by locating the lifting condensation level (LCL, where the temperature and the dewpoint are equal) of a parcel of air on a thermodynamic chart and then following the moist adiabat from the LCL back down to the surface.
In studies of the general circulation and of tropical convection, he always extolled the importance of vertical mixing by cumulonimbus convection, and became known for his catch-phrase "up moist-down dry," referring to the upward motion in a convective core following a moist adiabat, and the large-scale downward motion in the Hadley Cell and trade wind regions following the dry adiabat.