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occurring without loss or gain of heat

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The curves making up the p-V cycle were calculated according to the ideal gas law, where the pressure as function of volume is given by p = nRT/V for the isotherms and by p = nR[T.sub.1][[V.sub.1].sup.[gamma]-1]/[V.sup.[gamma]] for the adiabats, where ([T.sub.1], [V.sub.1] ) is a reference state along the adiabat and [gamma] is the adiabatic index.
By the way, the side bar "What's an Adiabat" could have added that an adiabat is a line plotted on a chart showing how temperatures and pressures change for a parcel undergoing an adiabatic process.
We determined C* by numerical integration along an adiabat (i.e., line of constant entropy) starting from the stagnation conditions and ending at the M = 1 condition.