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Synonyms for adhesion

Synonyms for adhesion

the close physical union of two objects

Synonyms for adhesion

abnormal union of bodily tissues

a fibrous band of scar tissue that binds together normally separate anatomical structures

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the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition

faithful support for a cause or political party or religion

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The finding on this link between peritoneum closure and fewer adhesions (scars that form abnormal connections between two parts of the body) runs contrary to current literature on the drawbacks of the procedure in non-pregnant women and contrary to current thinking among many surgeons.
April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Genzyme General (Nasdaq: GENZ) said a paper published this week in The Lancet reports the findings of the largest study ever conducted showing the long-term, population-based frequency and effects of post-operative adhesions.
is a privately held medical device company, that is focused on developing in-situ polymerized biomaterials to address unmet or under served clinical needs associated primarily with the prevention of Post Surgical Adhesions and Tissue Sealing.
SprayGel is a breakthrough in adhesion barriers because it can be easily applied laparoscopically and remains on the tissues where it is applied during the critical wound healing period.
Traditionally, surgeons have considered these adhesions surrounding the sigmoid colon to be normal or of no clinical significance, Dr.
a global medical device company, as the exclusive distributor of FzioMed's Oxiplex/AP, a bioabsorbable product for use in adhesion prevention in abdominal and pelvic surgeries.
Adhesions also create complications that can result in infertility in women.
The oral presentation "Reduction of Adhesions Following Laparoscopy with Oxiplex/AP Gel" will include clinical data from a randomized, blinded, parallel-group post-market study of Oxiplex/AP Gel conducted in four leading hospitals in Europe.
We hope that a reduction of adhesions from the uterus to surrounding structures will result in a significant decline in the risk of infertility.
The post-partum uterus resting against the abdominal wall/peritoneum has been postulated to be the reason for cohesive adhesions between the anterior abdominal wall and uterine serosa.
Postoperative adhesions are abnormal bands of scar tissue that can form inside the body after surgery.
Table 1: Worldwide Incidence of Post Surgical Adhesions by
The scenario, based on years of research into the unique properties of adhesion tissue, explains why adhesions are so likely to recur after they are lysed.
announced today reports of positive clinical experiences by European surgeons using the company's adhesion barrier gel to prevent postoperative adhesions from forming after back surgery.