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the sixth month of the civil year

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In the end, Adhar comes to terms with his mother's death by remembering her in his own way, through a beautifully symbolic ritual inspired by her habit of imagining people's heads as flowers.
The match-fixing report by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said Ram Adhar had received 1,100 dollars from ex-Test cricketer Ajay Sharma for underpreparing the wicket for the one-off Test against Australia in 1996.
A deputy chairman of the wood panel association Abbas Adhar said the price &wood panel rose to US$ 350 per meter at present from US$ 230 last month.
Tenders are invited for Feeding Of Adhar No In Aay And Phh Card
Akshay Kumar Singh, Mukesh, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma were charged under various IPC Sections, including 395 ( dacoity) and 365 ( kidnapping with intent to wrongfully to confine a person), for looting carpenter Ram Adhar.
The police have given the details about how carpenter Ram Adhar was allegedly robbed by the accused in the bus and later thrown out of the vehicle near IIT gate.
Delhibased Adhar Maheshwari, who has been learning photography at Duke University, has taken that wish forward with his ongoing exhibition titled The Hidden People .
Tenders are invited for Adhar Seeding Work In Dso Office Jhansi
The focus is on men such as two former treasurers -- Amitabh Adhar and Sanjay Dalmia -- as well as former secretary and West Bengal fisheries minister Kiranmoy Nanda.