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the sixth month of the civil year

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The mourners walk out into a field with Adhar's mother.
"We are not happy doing this, but we have suspended Ram Adhar for 15 days and asked him to explain his conduct," DDCA sports secretary Sunil Dev said.
Adhar later alleged CBI officers "were hitting me on my legs with a stick and threatening me".
Many stylistas made their way to Hotel Lodi in New Delhi on Saturday to attend the festive trunk show by Pink Post- It, a brand created by young girls Sharnamli Mehra Adhar and Mitali Wadhwa.
A deputy chairman of the wood panel association Abbas Adhar said the price &wood panel rose to US$ 350 per meter at present from US$ 230 last month.
Akshay Kumar Singh, Mukesh, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma were charged under various IPC Sections, including 395 ( dacoity) and 365 ( kidnapping with intent to wrongfully to confine a person), for looting carpenter Ram Adhar.
The police have given the details about how carpenter Ram Adhar was allegedly robbed by the accused in the bus and later thrown out of the vehicle near IIT gate.
Delhibased Adhar Maheshwari, who has been learning photography at Duke University, has taken that wish forward with his ongoing exhibition titled The Hidden People .