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any of a group of viruses including those that in humans cause upper respiratory infections or infectious pinkeye

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The E4 region of human adenoviruses encodes a set of proteins that can regulate early gene expression for viral RNA export and stabilization (21,25).
Crystal's and Wilson's teams will spray up to four teaspoons of CFTR-containing adenoviruses into the patients' nasal passages and, later, directly into their lungs.
Identification of subgenus C adenoviruses by fiber-based multiplex PCR.
In their experiments, the researchers spliced a gene for human alpha 1-antitrypsin -- a protein deficient in some emphysema patients -- into adenoviruses that were incapable of reproducing to cause disease.
The Rb patent, coupled with the p53 patent we received in October of last year, provides critical protection for our leading position as developers of modified adenoviruses for the treatment of cancer," said Hollings Renton, president and chief executive officer of Onyx.
Investigators speculated that immunity to Ad35 may have waned in the long-term residents, who may have been less likely to have been exposed to adenoviruses circulating in the community.
The patent specifically covers the use of modified adenoviruses and other DNA viruses, which lack viral proteins that bind to the tumor suppressor protein p53, to treat cancer patients whose tumors lack p53 function.
attached the major surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus to adenoviruses, which normally infect human lungs but can also grow in the gut.
Adenoviruses are relatively benign viruses that occur widely in the human population and cause only mild, self-limiting infections.
Human adenoviruses (Ads) comprise 51 serotypes (1); they are ubiquitous and responsible for a wide range of clinical syndromes.
Our results demonstrate the potentialutility of recombinant adenoviruses as live oral vaccines,' the authors conclude.
10, 1996--ONYX Pharmaceuticals announced today the receipt of a notice of allowance for a United States patent covering the use of modified adenoviruses that selectively kill cancer cells exhibiting p53 mutations while leaving normal cells unaffected.
Adenoviruses were isolated in human lung carcinoma (A-549) cells (Viromed Laboratories, Inc.
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