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any of a group of viruses including those that in humans cause upper respiratory infections or infectious pinkeye

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The causative organism of IBH is Fowl Adenovirus (FAdV) serotype 4 belonging to group 1 FAdV of Adenoviridae family (Balamurgan and Kataria, 2004).
Mastadenoviruses of the Adenoviridae family are common naked double-stranded DNA viruses with over 50 serotypes divided into 7 subgroups, each with varying symptoms.
No antiviral effect of Bioaron C[R] was demonstrated against the non-enveloped DNA virus Adeno 5, a member of the adenoviridae family (Fig.
El compuesto denominado A3, de bajo peso molecular, ha demostrado inhibir la DHODH, observandose un efecto pan-antiviral, ya que inhibe un amplio espectro de familias virales, por lo menos ocho, incluyendo virus de naturaleza de genoma ARN (Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae, Rhabdoviridae, Flaviviridae, Togaviridae), y ADN (Poxviridae, Adenoviridae), asi como retrovirus (Retroviridae) (Hoffmann et al., 2011).
Adenoviruses belong to the family Adenoviridae which is a group 1 double-stranded DNA virus according to the Baltimore Classification Scheme of Viruses.
Naked viruses cause diseases such as the common cold (picornaviridae and adenoviridae), warts (papillomaviridae) and rotavirus (reoviridae).
Asi, los adenovirus (AdV), virus de ADN no envueltos de 65-80 nm de diametro, de la familia Adenoviridae, son responsables de diarreas leves infantiles en sujetos inmunocompetentes, en particular los tipos 40 y 41, y muestran una incidencia variable entre 1-8% en paises industrializados y 2-31% en paises en desarrollo (33).
CAVs belong to the genus Mastadenovirus of the family Adenoviridae. Virus enters the host via direct contact with contaminated saliva, urine, and faeces [6].
Berk, "Adenoviridae: the viruses and their replication," in In Fields Virology, D.
AdV are members of Adenoviridae family, which comprises non-enveloped viruses with linear double-stranded DNA, with a diameter of 80-110 nm (ICTV, 2006).