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TGF (31, Smad-2/3, Smad-1/-5/-8 & Smad-4 signaling factors are expressed in ameloblastomas, adenomatoid odontogenic tumors, & calcifying cystic tumors: an immune histologic study.
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor of the mandible: review of the literature and report of a rare case.
Aggressive adenomatoid odontogenic tumor of mandible showing root resorption: A histological case report.
The ultrastructure of the adenomatoid odontogenic tumor.
Variants of the adenomatoid odontogenic tumor with a note on tumor origin.
In adenomatoid odontogenic tumor cases, positivity to [alpha]SMA marker was evident in about 38% of the cells per high power field.
In adenomatoid odontogenic tumor cases, moderate reactivity to [alpha]SMA marker was evident in about 38% of the cells per high power field in three cases and moderate to intense reactivity in one case.
Key words: Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, association with impacted tooth, female pre-dominance
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is a rela-tively uncommon distinct odontogenic neoplasm that was first described by Steensland in 1905.
Five formalin fixed paraffin embedded blocks of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor were retrieved from the archive of the Department of Oral Pathology, Coorg Institute Of Dental Sciences,Virajpet by random sampling.
The present case is a rare report of an adenomatoid odontogenic tumor presented in mandible of 19 year old female involving impacted first premolar and showing hybrid tumor like histopathological picture and its subsequent management.
However when the ameloblastoma shows a typical expansile multilocular aspect, the differential diagnosis can include a variety of odontogenic or non-odontogenic lesions with similar characteristics like odontogenic keratocysts, aneurysmal bone cysts, adenomatoid odontogenic tumors, odontogenic myxomas, and giant cell central lesions.