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sounding as if the nose were pinched


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Histological diagnosis of 172 tonsil and adenoid specimens Histological diagnosis N % Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia 139 81 Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia and Actinomycosis 20 12 Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia and follicle lysis 8 5 HIV-positive 4 50 (N=8) HIV-negative 4 50 (N=8) Acute tonsillitis 3 2 Tuberculosis of the adenoids 1 0.
Tonsils and adenoids were obtained from 91 patients who underwent elective surgery at Nationwide Children's Hospital from June through September 2004.
In addition, both adenoids were noted to be enlarged and swollen.
In children aged older than 3 years with no underlying condition, a history and a physical exam with findings of adenoid or tonsillar hypertrophy often provide the basis for recommending surgery, said Dr.
This tube can get blocked by swelling from frequent colds or enlarged adenoids (lumps of tissue in the back of the throat).
In some eases, surgical removal of tonsils or adenoids can relieve the problem.
Mr Adenoids himself, hot on the heels of In our Time, returns with another take on the history programme by looking at how the decisions of the rich and powerful impact on the lives of ordinary folk.
Surgery might also help by removing tonsils and adenoids that prevent proper breathing.
The adenoids are located near the eustachian tubes.
My doctor said getting my tonsils and adenoids (ADD-en-oyds) out would keep me from getting sick.
A sickly child, Cheryl had her tonsils and adenoids removed when she was 6, and as she grew healthier, she began to gain weight, according to her mother, Sheila, who is a registered nurse.
The family consulted with 19 doctors before Angelia underwent surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids, a source of fevers.
In children, problems often are eliminated by removal of adenoids obstructing nasal-sinus passages.
When the adenoids were removed, hearing was normal--but the hearing loss incurred during the first year of life still severely affects her speech at age four.
It isn't unusual for children to have their tonsils and adenoids removed, and the younger those patients are, the greater the risk their adenoids will grow back and they will need to have them taken out again, Mayo Clinic researchers have found.